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Monday, 3 October 2016

September favourites!

Hiya October, I've been waiting for you!
I literally love October so much - when the sun shines but it's cold enough to wear a leather jacket, when the spiced apple candles come out and when it's socially acceptable to stay in your pajamas all day (nice & cosy) and not leave the house.

Micellar Water
I used to absolutely love using Micellar Water and this past month I've rediscovered my love for it! My skin has been an absolute disaster recently- greasy, spot prone, visible pores - you name it, I've had it! So I wanted to properly strip back my skincare routine and just use minimal products instead of piling on all sorts of things that are meant to be beneficial, but end up actually suffocating the skin. I've been using the Nivea Daily Essentials one and it's been doing the job perfectly!

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this perfume before, but if I have it's worth mentioning again! I was lusting after this perfume last year so I decided to pick it up from duty free before heading off to Paris. Needless to say, I wore it the entire time I was in Paris and also most days since. I absolutely love the Summery smell (kind of vanilla-y) and every time I spray it, it sends me straight back to Paris!

Bomber jackets
I have LIVED in these recently. I absolutely love them and now, thanks to New York/London/Paris fashion week, they're both casual and fashionable.

I started watching this last week and in one day I ended up watching it for 6 hours straight (oops). It's just so brilliant though! Its all the drama you need.

The Office
This is more like a lifetime favourite because it is my favourite TV show ever but I've just started rewatching it and I was reminded of how much I absolutely adore it.

Grace Victory
I've been getting back in to watching YouTube videos this past month and Grace has been my absolute favourite of the lot. She's so honest and passionate and she talks about things that most people would cringe at the thought of. I kind of hate when people put on a 'persona' on YouTube and act completely different to how they would act if you actually knew them and you just get the feeling that Grace is being REAL, it's refreshing!

Let me know in the comments what you've been loving this month!


  1. Bronze Goddess is amazing! I'm currently having a Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment giveaway and will have a new giveaway every Friday with products from UD, Too Faced, Fresh, Hourglass, Buxom and more. You should come check it out!

    1. Isn't it just divine! Ooh thanks, I'll check it out ☺️X

  2. I usually always use Bioderma but it's getting really hard to get a hold of now so maybe I'll try that Nivea micellar water!

  3. I definitely recommend it! It's such a good, cheaper alternative to a cleanser!x


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