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Sunday, 18 September 2016

What I've been watching

This Summer has been pretty busy for me so I feel like it's been even more important to find those few hours for down-time/relaxation. Like many other people, relaxation for me means whacking on a face mask and binge-watching a new TV series, so I thought that I would share the things that I've been loving to watch throughout the Summer!

1) Nashville
This is my absolute favourite thing to watch right now. I'm literally obsessed. I know, I'm so late because they're already planning a season 5 release buuuuut better late than never right?! It's the perfect mix of music and drama and I just love it! I was put off of watching it for, literally, years because I wasn't a big fan of country music but it truly has converted me! (Now all I want to do is travel around the South of America in a pair of cowboy boots and an old Mustang with the roof down, and find myself a hunky man who plays the guitar and has an accent like Clint Eastwood in the old cowboy films).

2) Stranger Things
I wrote a bit about this in my August faves post but I'm still not really over how good it was (I'm debating watching it again but I think it may be too soon)!

3) American Horror Story
This is less something that I've enjoyed watching and more something that I'm excited to watch. I'm a big AHS fan and have seen all the past seasons so needless to say I'm buzzing for season 6! The first episode aired in the UK literally 2 nights ago and it was so good! I won't give away any important spoilers (not that I could anyway because fuck knows what's going on so far) but it's based around the lost Roanoke colony and I just thing it has so much potential.

4) RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 2
I feel like I have an affinity to drag queens. Their sense of humour, their sass - I just love it. So obviously as a longtime fan of drag race, I was absolutely itching for All Stars 2 and it most definitely hasn't disappointed! 

5) Are You The One?
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for reality TV. I could sit and watch it all day. In fact, while I was supposed to be writing my dissertation this year, I decided that it would be a good idea to sign up to HayU (a streaming service that lets you watch pretty much ALL the reality TV you'd ever want) and I did sit and watch it all day. Are You The One is pretty much a mix of The Bachelor(ette) and Big Brother. Basically 10 men and 10 women have to find their perfect match. It's just full of drama and saucy activities and it sucked me in from the first ep.


  1. I'm one of those people that can only watch a maximum of three episodes from each show. I don't know why but I can never get hooked!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Oh I'm the complete opposite! Maybe you need the find the perfect TV show 😜

  2. I absolutely loved Stranger Things & cannot wait for the next season to come out next year! I've been meaning to watch American Horror Story too - that might be next on the list. x


    1. I'm so excited for Stranger Things season 2 too! I would definitely recommend AHS especially if you like things that are a bit creepy!x

  3. I feel like I was the only person obsessed with Nashville and no one else got it! What series are you on? I get so stuck into that series!

    Jasmine x

    1. I'm almost finished season 2 because I took a break for a whole 🙈 It's so good though!!x


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