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Sunday, 12 June 2016


We don't often post things like this because we're definitely not the right people to be giving out life advice BUT this is definitely something that we know a bit about. A lot of you (probably) are either teenagers/young adults and it's coming to a time when you have to decide what you want to do as a career. It's possibly one of the most stressful times of your life, or at least it was for me, so I thought I'd tell you a bit about my experience...

So rewind to 3 years ago and I was in my final year at school (sixth form) and I absolutely hated it. I hated going in to school. I didn't really find any lessons interesting and I wasn't overly passionate about anything, at least not enough to say "this is what I want to do for the rest of my life". It seemed like everyone around me had their shit together and I was only interested in getting drunk and taking daytime naps (sad but true), but I ended up applying to go to University anyway. The truth is, I didn't apply because I actually wanted to work towards a career. The main reason I applied was because I thought that it would buy me some more time, that hopefully by the time the 3 years was up I would have some kind of EUREKA moment and suddenly know what I wanted to do with my life. I was so worried about being left behind by all the people that already had solid career plans that I just applied to a random course in a panic and ended up going to university.
What I realised when I got there though, is that hardly anyone knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives! And why should we! We're supposed to already have a plan for the rest of our lives when we're 17 years old?! But realistically, who actually does?! Every single person I've spoken to at university has no idea what they want to get out of it at the end, which was somewhat comforting to me because at least I wasn't the only one. But my advice to anyone that asks or is interested (and I have told people this countless times in real life) is to not go to university until you completely know what you want to do. I know it's a stressful situation to be put in at the end of school, to try and think about what you want to do, but just because you don't go to university straight away (or at all) doesn't make you a lesser person. Everyone has at least one thing that they are good at, it's just that some people find their 'thing' before others. If I hadn't panicked and had spent more time thinking about the things I enjoy doing and the things that I'm good at, I definitely wouldn't have applied straight away. I always hear people talking about teenage/young adult suicide rates and I genuinely think that the pressure that we're under regarding our future career is in some way related (among other things of course) because it's so hard when you have absolutely no idea what you want to do or what way your life is going.
So now, my 3 years are up and I'm due to graduate in July. Luckily, I have realised what I wanted to do with my life but unfortunately my degree has absolutely nothing to do with it and it took me until about 3 months ago to decide. Don't get me wrong, my time at uni has been such an amazing experience, the people I've met and the memories I've made are irreplaceable but I just hope that this post makes someone feel a bit better if they're having the same dilemmas. I think it's rare to find someone that knows what they want for the rest of their life when they're seventeen years old. So I guess what I'm saying is DON'T PANIC! Take some time out and it will come to you, just don't rush in to anything.
If only one person reads this and it makes them realise that the things they're going through are felt by more people than they think, it's been worthwhile!

Feel free to let us know in the comments what your plans are/your experiences with university or work.

Kayleigh xo


  1. I relate to this post so much! I am in the first year of sixth form and this is exactly how I feel right now. The subjects that I have chosen don't interest me anymore and I feel the most unmotivated that I have been all my life. I don't know what to choose in uni (if I pass my A's) as I don't know what I want. I guess that I will just see where life takes me.

    1. Please try not to worry about it too much. We have our whole lives to figure it out. Lets just enjoy being young and care free for as long as we can <3


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