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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Liquid Lips Under £15

Liquid Lips Under £15
Thursday, 24 March 2016
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With Kylie Jenner, Kat Von D & Anastasia Beverly Hills all bringing out velvety matte liquid lip products it's no wonder that they're starting to pop up all over social media, but with these beautifully matte colours comes a hefty price tag - So, with that in mind I made it my mission to go on the hunt for affordable liquid lips. Here's what I found!... 

Lime Crime, The Velvetines - £13.79-£11.03
Comfort/Dryness: These are by far my favourite liquid lips. They're comfortable to wear all day and the selection of colours is incredible! I do find that these lipsticks can be quite dry, but this really helps it to stay in place all day, and allows for a complete dry matte finish. This is the perfect liquid lipstick in my books!
Durability: This lipstick stays on for hours! Sometimes I do find myself picking at my lips if I've had it on all day and it's starting to feel extra dry, but otherwise these lipsticks are sure to stay put all day, whatever you're doing! 

Keep in mind, this brand is American so you will have to pay shipping, although sometimes they do offer FREE worldwide shipping, so keep an eye out! Yes these lipsticks are at the higher end of the price range, but they're deffo worth the splurge!

Sleek, Matte Me Lipstick - £4.99
Comfort/Dryness: Overall I think this brand of liquid lip is comfortable, it's not too dry and doesn't make me want to constantly lick my lips - always a plus! However, I do find that these lipsticks never quite dry, they always feel a bit dry yet tacky. Personally this doesn't bother me too much... but for some people, this will drive you insane! I did notice a difference in the comfort of two different colours, with the darker one being a little more drying and irritating.
Durability: This stayed put for a few hours, both the darker and lighter colour seemed to have the same amount of durability, however, a touch up after eating was deffo needed! 

MUA, Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - £3.00
Comfort/Dryness: I found this to be one of the more comfortable lipsticks. I love the ease of the applicator, it was very easy to use for someone who struggles colouring inside the lines!! I would recommend using a lip balm underneath this as it can be quite drying depending on the state of your lips (mine are always chapped!). For the price, I think this is an exceptionally comfortable liquid lip. 
Durability: I had high hopes for this, I really did. However, after a few bites of food this lipstick was about ready to jump straight off my lips. I don't know if the colour of this lipstick (dark purple) made it any less durable than other colours in the range, but from my experience, I wouldn't feel safe in this lip product - I'd be too worried that it had all come off. 

Revolution, Salvation Velvet Lacquer - £3.00
Comfort/Dryness: For the price, this is a very comfortable lip. Again, it wasn't too dry, but it definitely didn't feel tacky - I felt very secure wearing it without the worry of smudge drama!
Durability: The stay power of this lipstick is disappointing, I had this lipstick on for about 2 hours at a house party and by the time I went to the loo to do the ritual wee and snapchat, the lipstick was almost all off! Now, I understand that it had endured a lot of straw to lips action, but I want a liquid lip that I can count on!

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Gloss Matte, £6.99
Comfort/Dryness: Again, like the Sleek lipsticks, it seems that this product never quite dries fully, there always seems to be a little bit of a sheen to it and when you drinking wine or a cheeky cocktail, your glass will be left with a wonderfully pigmented lip impression. Having said that, it's very comfortable to wear and easy to apply. It's got quite a thick consistency so I like to apply this product with a lip brush, just to keep things neat and tidy. 
Durability: When eating and drinking, I find that this product tends to fade from the center outwards and can sometimes smudge a little at the corner of your mouth. I'm not sure if this is because the colour (red) is so pigmented, or because the product never seems to dry completely, but I wouldn't say this was such a big deal - a quick trip to the ladies will solve this problem in seconds!

We'd love to hear your suggestions?! Are there any liquid lipsticks that you've been loving? 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A Pick-Me-Up Playlist!

A Pick-Me-Up Playlist!
Wednesday, 16 March 2016
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Everyone knows that the right music can drastically change your mood. There are those songs that make you just want to stop everything and dance, and the ones that you can't help but sing along too no matter how bad you feel. Well with everything going on right now (i.e. deadlines, having no money, being generally stressed to the max etc etc.) we thought that we would share with you some of the songs that we can count on to make us smile!


Feel free to share with us any songs that you love to listen to when you're feeling stressed because we love listening to new music! Alternatively if you have spotify, feel free to follow to get access to all of our playlists by clicking HERE.
Sunday, 6 March 2016

How to deal with exam stress

How to deal with exam stress
Sunday, 6 March 2016
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You may have noticed that we haven't been very active recently. Unfortunately, we've been snowed under (almost literally thanks to the awful British weather right now) with university work. We're in our final year at university and it's getting quite effin stressful! Regardless, as of recent we've become quite good at dealing with stressful situations (probably due to the fact that we've had exams every year for the past six years) and we'd like to share with you some tricks that might help to keep you cool during the up-coming exam season.

1) Take a bath.
Baths are wonderful things. They solve everything. Period pains? Take a bath. Pulled a muscle? Take a bath. Stressing out? Take a bath. Poor in some bubbles, put on a chilled out playlist and let the warm water envelope you in a liquidy hug. There really is nothing like it.

2) Talk to a friend.
Leave the house for a bit. Don't sit and wallow in your own self-pity. Holler at a friend and go for a coffee. It's nice to clear your head for a bit and be in a different environment that doesn't remind you of how much work you have to do. We love going to starbucks for a bit of a break every now and then. The walk in to town provides us with the fresh air we desperately need after being cooped up with our heads stuck in books, and the coffee gives us the buzz we need to go about the rest of our day. Also, you'll probably find that your friends are going through the same stresses that you are, so it's nice to unload on someone and for them to do the same. Sometimes idle gossip is the best thing to take your mind off of school/university so it's just nice to talk about ANYTHING else for a change. 

3) Make a list of the things that you have to do.
We've all had those nights where you're struggling to sleep because all you can think about is how much work you've got to do. Writing lists is the perfect way to deal with that. Every evening or every morning write a list of the things that you want to get done in the day (bear in mind that it has to actually be achievable - we once tried to plan and write an essay in one day and it didn't quite work out). Having it written there in front of you gives you a goal to work towards that day, that way you can schedule your time effectively and get shit done! (Not to mention it's an excuse to buy a cute notebook).

4) Don't bury your head in the sand.We're totally guilty of doing this. When you have so much work to do that you don't know where to begin so you just don't? Yeah. This has pretty much happened every single year of our life as university students. But the thing is, it doesn't help anyone. You just end up, a month down the line with more work to do than you had before and less time to get it done. It sounds so boring (we know) but getting work done early is the best thing to do!

5) Don't overwork your brain.
Science and stuff (lol) says that your brain needs a break. You can't just sit and do work all day because, trust us, you'll go insane. Plan to do two hours, have a break, another two hours etc... it might seem like you're not being as productive but you'll appreciate it in the long run. Just don't decide to start a new season on Netflix during your break because then you'll never want to go back to doing work!

We hope this is helpful to at least someone! Feel free to share with us some of your tips for handling exam stress (or just stress in general) because we're always up for hearing new ideas. Sorry we've been away for so long but we're back for good now! 
A & K x

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