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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Bucket List

2015 Bucket List
Wednesday, 31 December 2014
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Ok, so we wanted to come up with a bucket list of things that we will actually be able to achieve, not unrealistic goals! Our 2014 wasn't the best and so we're hoping that 2015 will bring us new challenges, people, adventures and joy & we hope that it will bring you all everything you are aiming for.

We hope you all have an incredible New Years Eve, drink lots and dance all night. But please don't forget... watch your drinks, stay with your friends and be safe! 

* Pass second year at University.
* Lose a stone (hopefully more!)
* Eat proper meals... not pasta every night. 
* Try a new hair style or colour.. but nothing too crazy!
* Reach 1000 followers on Bloglovin!?
* Treat my mum to an amazing birthday present, something she won't expect... she deserves it. (Abby)
* Progress with our novel & get some insight and feedback from others.
* MOTIVATION. We both need to motivate ourselves more, be this starting essays when we get them or actually going into Uni...
* Attend all our lectures & seminars every week (almost).
* Volunteer. We have so much spare time and no skills, we really need to boost our CV's and what better way than helping others in the process!
* Try something new, a new hobby like Yoga!
* Go some place new

Monday, 29 December 2014


Monday, 29 December 2014
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Recently the weather has been awful with the snow and the frost, so we thought what better to do at this time of year than to stay snuggly and warm inside and have a cosy day in! Lets be honest, who can be bothered to put on a BRA at this time of year, let alone a full face of make up!
Here's a few must do things for the perfect cosy day in this Winter!

First, turn that alarm off! Sleep for as loooong as you want, we're not gonna judge! But when you finally do decide to drag yourself from your bed, it's nice to take a relaxing bubble bath. Just throw in some bath soak or a bath bomb and relax. Maybe read a book or watch a film, whatever takes your fancy! 
Here's a cheap little bath bomb that I've been loving from Wilkinsons. It smells absolutely divine, I would go as far as to say good enough to eat, and they're much cheaper than ones from lush! 

Also if, like us, you enjoy a nice read in the bath here is a book that might tickle your fancy! It has 3 different stories intertwined in to one to form the perfect festive love story. I would definitely recommend it if you are a fan of things like The Fault in Our Stars and other works by John Green. 

After your bath it's always nice to wash your face, because it just makes you feel clean even when you don't plan on getting dressed. If you don't want to, you don't have to do your full skincare routine because who can really be bothered when you're only staying in, but I would suggest maybe just using your every day face wash/scrub and a cleanser. 
I have been using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and it just makes my skin feel wonderful! 

The next thing that we would do is to catch up on our favourite YouTubers/Bloggers! We find it so stressful at this time of year, trying to keep up with all the Vlogmas videos because who on earth has the time for that?! So we would most likely be catching up on some of them and maybe planning a few blog posts ourselves while we're at it!

Another thing that we enjoy doing on a chill day, is painting our nails! It can be a real pain to keep your nails looking nice and fresh, but on a day when you're not really doing much there's more time to put more effort in to your nails and it's kind of therapeutic!
I'm loving pastel colours right now, even though it's not the season for them! My two favourites are this Pink-Nude from Rita Ora's Rimmel collection (called Lose Your Lingerie) and this Blue-ish pastel colour from Collection which I think has been discontinued :(. 

Finally, it's not a chill day without a nice box set or a film and some munchies! There is literally nothing better than curling up in bed and watching a good TV show with some pizza or chocolate buttons (yum!)
I got the Game of Thrones box set for Christmas so I would definitely be watching that, but I've also been loving Sherlock too! 

We hope you're all enjoying your Christmas holidays, and if you are working, it's not too hard! 
Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Years Eve Outfit Inspo!

New Years Eve Outfit Inspo!
Sunday, 28 December 2014
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New Years Eve outfit inspiration! 

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas! But now that crimbo has passed it's important we end the year with a big bang! There's only .. days left til NYE and so we thought we would share some outfit ideas with you guys! We used Polyvore to create these, you can create your own outfit, search all brands & labels, it's great to see what an outfit would look like together without having to buy it first! 

Abbys ideas :)

I absolutely love statement pieces in any outfit and so for this I thought a striking yellow clutch would compliment an otherwise all black outfit beautifully! 

Whenever I see someone wearing nude I usually think 'She's deffo a classy broad.'. As a result, there was really no question about it, I just had to have an outfit that revolved around nude accessories! 


Kayleigh's ideas 

I absolutely love leather. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but in this case I think these leather pencil skirts work really well with a lace bralet because I really like the idea of wearing 2 different fabrics (fabric clashing): leather and lace.
I would probably leave the accessories to a minimum and instead focus more on make-up with a silvery, sparkly eye and nude lips.

Lipstick: MAC

Glitter Dust: BARRY M


Black Shoes: ASOS
Monochrome Shoes: NEW LOOK

I think a lot of the time, people can be put off by jumpsuits because you have the issue of, what shoes do I wear? Will I get too hot? And what about the issue with going to the toilet?! CALM DOWN. BREATHE.
Jumpsuits can look amazing when they're styled properly, trust me it can be worth taking that little bit longer to undress in the loos, I mean look at Bey!
I say, it's new year, try something different!
Black jumpsuits can look very slimming and when paired with a red lip it's just plain dangerous (in a good way, obvs). Here are some examples of some jumpsuits that would look smokin' this new years, if you dare!


We hope these ideas helped in some way or got you excited about looking for a NYE outfit! Feel free to drop us a comment, we'd love to hear your ideas!

A & K x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas You Beautiful People! ♥

Merry Christmas You Beautiful People! ♥
Tuesday, 23 December 2014
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Sorry we haven't been posting very much, Kayleigh and I are both home for Christmas and have been extremely busy catching up with friends and family! We can't wait to read about everything you received this Christmas & all the things you guys got up too! We hope you all have an amazing Christmas... open presents, eat lots of yummy food and get very very merry!


Sunday, 21 December 2014


Sunday, 21 December 2014
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On the twenty first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..
Amatuer life lessons

Ok, so we've only been alive for 19 years and don't really know anything about life yet, but there are a few things we have learnt.

Never lie, it always comes back to bite you in the arse.

Don't worry too much about what other people think, they have the same worries too.

People aren't looking at you, they have much better things to look at (in a good way!).

Buying 6 inch heels really isn't a good idea.

Don't be so selfish.

Eating doesn't make you feel better, but it certainly helps!

Don't worry about the future too much.

Don't pretend to be something you're not. If people don't like you for you, they're 
not worth knowing.

Dont give what you can't take back.

Liquid eyeliner will at no time be easy and will never match! 

Don't take your parents for granted, you never know how long you'll have them for. 

Eat whatever the fuck you want. 

Get a friend to take your phone when you're drunk, there's nothing worse than waking up and reading a 'I LOVE YOU SO MUCH' text sent to your crush :/

Your parents aren't always right, but neither are you.

Your close friends will always be there for you, boys come and go.

Your friends are your soulmates.
Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Wednesday, 17 December 2014
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On the seventeenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Savvy Spending tips! 

As second year students we have certainly learnt a thing or two about saving a few pennies! We thought that we would share a few tips on how to cut the cost this Christmas.

Homemade presents
If you want to get a bit creative this Christmas then handmade gifts are the way to go! 
One thing that we enjoy doing is baking, and so one gift idea that we suggest is to bake Christmas biscuits or cakes and then get creative with the wrapping.. a great idea would be using a pringle tube (minus the pringles of course!).. take an empty pringle tube, fill it with homemade or bought cookies and then wrap the tube with pretty wrapping paper and finish with a nice ribbon! Not only is this environmentally friendly but it also looks extremely adorable! :) Another cheap yet thoughtful gift is a picture frame! Buy a nice frame, we'd recommend the ones that hold a few pictures, and print out some cute pictures to fill it with. If you don't have a printer than Boots or supermarkets offer a great service for you to print out pictures you have on your phone or computer. This is always a safe bet with family/friends & isn't too costly :)

Shopping online
When it comes to finding the perfect present for that special someone then it usually leads back to a nice perfume or aftershave, and we all know how damaging that can be on our purse! Now we're not suggesting picking up a air freshener and passing that off as a nice fragrance this Christmas, but it does pay to shop around a bit. Generally we head straight for the big department stores thinking that they'll have great christmas deals on, when really online shops generally have better offers! A great example of this can be seen at All Beauty (online website) which sells Jimmy Choo (100ml) for £39.95 compared to a whopping £61.20 at Debenhams! Some of you may not like the idea of buying from somewhere you've never shopped before, or perhaps you don't like shopping online and so we would recommend that, before heading straight to Debenhams or John Lewis, you check out Superdrug or Body Care as they often have much much better deals on fragrances!

Poundstretcher, 99p shop, Home Bargains etc!
These have fast become the most frequent shops we visit. We used to be a bit embarrassed about walking round town with our big 99p shop carrier bags, whilst other girls were prancing around with River Island and Topshop bags, but we now walk in their with pride! Shops like this offer great products for a fraction of the cost of other high street or supermarket stores. Not only do they offer great prices of daily necessities, they also offer great homeware and gift items such as scented candles, cute picture frames, skincare gift sets, perfume (Home Bargains) and in some of these shops drugstore makeup brands such as Revlon!

Recently we found out that supermarkets offer amazing deals on all things beauty, especially skincare!  Whenever we're at the supermarket we tend to skip over the beauty isles because lets be honest, you don't really associate food shopping with beauty! However, recently on a trip to Tesco we found so many incredible deals, especially on brands such as Nivea. So next time you pop out to pick up some mushrooms or coco pops don't forget to swing by the beauty isle, you'll be glad you did! (•◡•) Another thing that supermarkets are pretty great at offering is a good deal on books. Christmas is the perfect time to buy cookbooks for your mum or dad, autobiographies, romance novels to get lost in, zombie survival guides and much much more, so check out the book section on your next trip to the supermarket!

Thank you so much for reading, we'd love to hear any ideas you guys have on saving a few pennies this time of year :)
Happy Shopping!! ❄☃

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Tuesday, 16 December 2014
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On the sixteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. 
An unpopular opinion.

This blog post is a bit different to the rest that we've previously done, so bare with us. We just thought that we would start to do more article-style posts to give the blog a bit more of a wider range. We'd love to hear your ideas on this in the comments below, so feel free to suggest or critique anything you want.

One of the things that Britain is known for is it's comedy and sense of humour. We have a sarcastic, witty, dry sense of humour which makes our banter some of the best in the world, but is our sense of humour drying up?

Not so long ago there was a fiasco in the newspapers and magazines about Dapper Laughs (a comedian that originally created Vine videos before being given his own TV show on ITV), that stated that he was "promoting rape culture" because he was showing men how to 'pull women'.
Now please don't get confused, we feel VERY strongly when it comes to feminism and supporting women and we would argue against anyone that suggested that women are merely objects that you just perform a routine to, sleep with and toss aside like an old pair of socks. HOWEVER, we actually used to watch Dapper Laugh's TV show and we actually found it quite funny.
It's fair enough if you didn't enjoy it because it wasn't your thing, but was he really promoting rape culture? We think that's a bit extreme. It was obvious that he wasn't being serious, his names Dapper Laughs for goodness sake! Something that is, and should be, celebrated in this country is our ability to find humour in just about anything (see any stand up show by Jimmy Carr), but some how this was different? How? Are people getting so uptight that it's ruining the British sense of humour?

Another example is this year's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant Jimmy Bullard. He was the first to be voted out of the jungle, but in our opinion he was the most entertaining. His constant banter and pranks on the other contestants was funny to watch of an evening, but was it too much for the British public? We know that there's a fine line between banter and insults, but surely we can still tell the difference? One of the best things about the British sense of humour is that we know how to TAKE A JOKE, we insult ourselves and others for the sake of comedy and it's great because it's believable. Banter between friends is so common in our society, but when it was shown on TV people seemed to not like it. We have banter with each other every single day and it keeps our friendship healthy and fun!

Come on guys, we need to celebrate our sense of humour, not shy away from it!

A & K x



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On the fifteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

JorgeObé Peel off face mask is designed to specifically minimise and prevent blackheads, impurities and oily skin. This product is advised to be applied in the T zone of the face, avoiding eyes and any hairy areas (e.g. the hairline or eyebrows). 

We first saw this product when we were browsing facebook and saw an advert for it. We were quickly enticed in by the pictures that showed the effectiveness of the mask and how it pulled out impurities from the skin! We were skeptical but after much debate decided that if we halved the cost then it wouldn't be too bad if the mask did absolutely nothing for us! 

This product was dispatched from Denmark and only took 4 days to reach us, however, on opening the package we were a little shocked at the size of the product for the price we payed. We were aware that we purchased 100 ml but on seeing the £21 product in the flesh we were a little stunned. However, we were quite chuffed to receive two free samples  (it's like they knew there was two of us!) of JorgeObé scrub mask in the most adorable packaging! :) This scrub mask can be used as a deep cleansing mask or a scrub cream. We very excited to try this product but let's get back to the star of the show, the peel off mask. 

Firstly, we squeezed out some of the product onto the back of our hand as we knew that the product would come out black and didn't want to make a mess everywhere! The consistency of the mask is quite thick and gloppy, and is pure black. The instructions on the back of the packaging didn't provide information regarding the 'layer' that needed to be applied to the face, we didn't know how thick or thin it needed to be and so we went in blind! On first application to the skin the smell was extremely strong, the first thing that popped into our head was vodka! On reading the ingredients it was clear to see why as there are quite a few chemicals used to create this mask. This product is extremely strong and when applied onto the nose and outwards towards our cheeks it began to sting our eyes quite a lot. We applied quite a thin layer as we didn't want to waste too much of the product and left it to dry for the instructed 25-30 minutes.  One thing we would say is that it did take a few attempts at rubbing the black residue that was left on our hands, but after a few pumps of soap and some hot water it finally disappeared. 

The timer went off 30 minutes later and we were excited to see the results. However, we had already read some reviews and knew that it was a painful removal process! The saying 'No pain, No gain' 100% applies in relation to this face mask. The removal of the mask from the face was more painful than we thought when looking at the thin layer of black coating our skin. Surprisingly, it hurt more to remove the mask from our chin and forehead than from our nose! We could quite literally see gunk coming out of our pores as we peeled off the mask. On removal of the mask it was visible that the mask had removed some impurities in our skin as they came up white against the black mask that had peeled off. There was some back residue left on our faces and so we washed our faces and moisturised in order to let our skin recover from the painful ordeal!

30 minutes after removing the mask our skin had finally returned to a more normal colour compared to the previous red that the mask had left our skin. Our skin was feeling soft and very very clean. We definitely noticed a difference in the reduction of blackheads on our noses, although there were still visible ones, it had removed a small proportion in the process. It is recommended that for best results this mask be used once or twice a week and so we cannot wait to see what else this mask has in store for us! We are hoping for a blackhead free future! :D

We always wake up with an oily nose, and this morning we were extremely surprised, and happy, that this wasn't the case! Our skin is also still feeling extremely smooth and we can only thank the face mask for this :) 

And so, if you can afford the £21 price tag then we would suggest trying it. We've only used it once and so can't 100% recommend it, but so far we like what we see and cannot wait to continue using it.

We would love to hear about your experience with this product if any of you have tried it! :)

Monday, 15 December 2014


Monday, 15 December 2014
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On the fourteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
 some cracking albums from 2014!

Alt-J // This is all yours
It must be quite daunting for a band to release a new album after their first one has done so well. This album, entitled This is All Yours, is Alt-J’s much anticipated follow up to their debut, mercury award winning album An Awesome Wave. I absolutely adored the first album when it came out in 2012, but I love this one just as much (if not more). There’s something so haunting and beautiful about the music that Alt-J produce, it’s so relaxing to listen to them. This album is filled with the beautiful sounds of chiming bells, flutes and pianos giving it that extra something different to the usual manufactured pop music that fills the charts today. It’s apparent that there’s much thought that has gone in to the actual musicianship of this album and that makes it a pleasure to listen to.

Catfish & The Bottlemen // The Balcony
This is the first album from Welsh band Catfish and the Bottlemen and personally, I think it’s genius. The band have been trying to break through since front man, Van McCann was 15 years old, now 21 it’s hard not to be impressed by their sheer hard work. This album is filled with big, sing-a-long choruses perfect for stadium gigs or festivals as well as realistic lyrics that make for easy listening.
I read recently that Van McCann had said “guitar music is not dead” and this is 100% true.

Fatherson // I am an Island
I first heard Fatherson when I was watching T in The Park on BBC Three this year. As soon as they started playing the intro to their first song (which happened to be the first track of the album, An Island) I was hooked. Not only did I watch the entire set there and then, I continued to watch it at least 4 more times online! I have a huge soft spot for Scottish bands anyway (see Biffy Clyro etc) because I find that there’s something about a Scottish accent singing beautiful lyrics that makes my knees weak. However, this album is just a damn good example of a traditional, indie rock album.

Taylor Swift // 1989
Okay, if anyone says they don’t like Taylor Swift they’re either too embarrassed to admit that they secretly listen to her songs when their on their own, or they’re crazy. Tay Tay is the perfect example of a strong, independent woman in the music industry. I love how she’s had so much shit about dating too many guys etc, but she just takes it in her stride and (literally as well as metaphorically) shakes it off. This album, and the success that is has already had, really shows how talented Taylor Swift actually is. You can say what you want about her social life, but there’s no denying that she knows exactly what she wants and she knows exactly how to get it.

Hozier // Hozier
This man’s voice is beautiful and that’s really all there is to it. It’s about time a nice soulful, jazzy, old-school voice is in the charts. Not to mention, Hozier’s debut single Take Me to Church is compellingly beautiful.

Ed Sheeran // X
It’s amazing to think that this is only Ed Sheeran’s second album because he’s already had amazing success and seems to be a household name now. It’s not surprising though, the success this album has had, because it’s utter magnificence. I absolutely love Ed’s voice and he writes the type of songs that you can put on, close your eyes and imagine that he’s singing them directly to you (swoon!). What’s more, it’s so refreshing to just listen to one man and a guitar. No fancy theatricals to distract you from his voice. Just him. And that’s all we need, just Ed.

Royal Blood // Royal Blood
I realised how amazing Royal Blood were this festival season. Just two lads from Brighton playing some nice, dirty Rock and Roll. Perfect. There’s something about this type of music that seems real and raw. It’s clear to hear, with the crushing guitar riffs and general loudness, that this is first and foremost a LIVE band which is what makes them truly great, because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about isn’t it? Live music. 

Kasabian // 48:13
When I get old and nostalgic like many of our parents are and one of my children asks me “what sort of music did you used to listen to when you were younger Mum?” I would like to think that I would talk about Kasabian with the same fondness that my Dad talks about Queen or my Mum talks about the Bay City Rollers.
I had the absolute pleasure of seeing the majority of the songs off of this album live in Kasabian’s hometown of Leicester this Summer, and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Their past 3 albums before this one had all went to Number 1 in the UK album chart and this was no different. It is my personal opinion, that Kasabian are at the top of their game right now and could possibly be the best British band of the time. This album is a compilation of powerful songs with powerful lyrics and the experimental edge that it has demonstrates how much the band are evolving.


George Ezra // Wanted on Voyage
There’s been a major turn in the UK music industry recently with more people being interested in young men and their guitars as opposed to manufactured pop bands. Although George Ezra is technically just another one of these young, guitar-strumming English boys, there’s something extra about him that drew me in. Perhaps it’s his deep, soulful voice or his super catchy songs – who knows. What I do know though, is that I LOVE George Ezra. 

Paolo Nutini // Caustic Love
It's hard to believe that this is only Paolo's THIRD album because he's been around for ten years (whaaat!). It says a lot about an artist, though, when they go away for 5 years and come back with a new album that goes STRAIGHT to number one. The thing about Paolo that I love the most, is that every one of his albums is completely different, the only thing that remains the same is his incredible voice. With this album, it's clear that he's put a tremendous amount of effort in to evolving his musical style and developing his skills as not only a very talented singer, but a very talented song writer. 

Sooo that's 10 of our favourite albums from 2014, but I'm sure there's many more great ones! If you like some of the one's we've mentioned or are interested in finding some new music to listen to, feel free to have a look at our Faves of 2014 playlist on Spotify.

Comment some of your favourite albums / songs from this year below, we'd love to hear what you've been listening to!

A&K x
Sunday, 14 December 2014


Sunday, 14 December 2014
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On the thirteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Some razzle dazzle nails! 

Now we're no nail experts who can paint elves and Christmas scenes on our nails,  but we do like to get a bit glittery and crazy with our nails at Christmas time! So here are a few nail polish ideas that we like to whack out at Xmas time!  :) 

One of our favourite brands this party season is Models Own, they have the most pigmented colours and their glitter is so so pretty! The pictures we have taken just don't do the nail polishes justice and so we are giving you our word that these polishes are 100% worth the £4.99 price tag!...


Ibiza Mix - Hed Kandi.

Purple Haze - Glitter

Gold Rush - Metallics 

Purple Blue - Beetlejuice

Freak Out! - Mirrorball

Magenta Divine - Glitter

Boggie Nights - Mirrorball

Thank you for reading & we hope you are having a wonderful Christmas time :D

A&K x

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Saturday, 13 December 2014
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On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
The truth behind all those beauty myths!

Fact or Fiction?

1) Shaving causes your hair to grow back faster & thicker? FICTION

Now I don't know about you guys, but I was told all throughout middle and upper school that this was true, not only did I have GCSE's and A Levels to worry about but on top of that I had to come to terms with the fact that women have, and always will be, at battle with their body hair. Yes shaving makes you smooth, but for what? a day? and then it's grow back 10 times worse! However, this isn't the case! Yes, body hair grows back (the buggers) but it doesn't grow back any faster or thicker. Hair growth is controlled by follicles which are underneath the skin, and these follicles are not affected by shaving. The follicles determine the colour, thickness and growth speed of the hair and so shaving or not, they're the boss! All I can say is, I'm so glad it's winter, because shaving my legs is right at the bottom of my to do list! :) 

2) Cucumber slices fix puffy eyes. FACT

I've always thought that this was a beauty myth, ever since watching Princess Diaries and seeing Paolo say that it didn't do anything I was sold! However, it has been found that anything cold or cool on the eyelids shrinks blood vessels and so reduces the amount of fluid that is collected there. Although this methods will help reduce those puffy eyes, it definitely won't fix the problem completely... so keep the concealer and eyeshadow at hand to help cover up the rest of the problem!

3) Cold water makes your hair shiner. FACT

Personally I cannot think of anything worse that having a cold shower, especially now it's December! However, it has been found that cold water closes up the hair cuticle and as a result hair becomes stronger, meaning that it's less susceptible to the environmental conditions that can cause harm to our hair. But come on, we're not going to stand under a cold shower for 10 minutes and so a quick 10 seconds, or longer if any of you can stand it, at the end of a hot shower will do the trick! But don't undo this but using heating tools which will only dry out and damage your hair, after all, you have just risked the chance of catching pneumonia for new shiny strands! 

4) Steam will help open your pores? FICTION

I've never been directly told that this works, but I always assumed that steam would open up the pores on my face. However, this isn't true, there are no muscles around pores that allow them to open and close. This being said, steam will help loosen any underlying dirt or debris found.

5) Toothpaste helps reduce spots? FACT

This is one beauty tip that my mum always says to me, although personally, the thought of toothpaste anywhere other than in my mouth doesn't really appeal to me. However, science has proven that this tip does actually work! Toothpaste contains alcohol which will dry up spots and reduce any swelling or redness that comes along with it! This beauty trick should be used with caution though, it has been advised that toothpaste should only be used on new and small spots. If a spot is painful, red and deep then this just won't work, not only that but it can lead to burning of the skin surface which can result in scarring. If a spot has been there for more than a day & is getting worse then don't touch it! But it's good to know that a small spot can be scared off with a bit of white paste that smells like mint and makes our mouths fresh and clean! :D  

6) Spraying hairspray on your face makes makeup last for longer. FACT

Before I started using fixing spray with my makeup I always used to spray hairspray over my face just for extra protection, and it's true, hairspray will help keep your makeup stay put. However, maybe this isn't the best way to do so, hairspray can cause irritation and redness to the skin and can also burn our eyes. I mean really, it's our fault for thinking that something made for keeping our hair rock solid would be suitable for our skin! The most delicate and important thing on our bodies, why are we so naive?! (although I can't really talk). There are harsh chemicals in hairspray that really won't do our skin any favours and so instead let's just stick with our primers, our setting powders and fixing spray, what better way to try some new products out! :D 

7) Greasy foods and chocolate cause breakouts. FICTION

This really shocks me, I always find that after having a day or two of eating complete shit that my skin starts to break out! However, experts have found that neither or these foods are responsible for breakouts. This evidence isn't suggesting that diet and bad skin are unrelated, but instead suggesting that perhaps the reason we reach for these foods in the first place are the real causes for our skin problems! Instead advice such as 'limit foods high in carbohydrates and dairy' which could suggest that these are the foods causing the little buggers to appear on our faces, so put down that bowl of cereal, that slice of toast and that cube of cheese and pick up that Galaxy bar, what better excuse can a girl need eh? I'm still a tad sceptical of this and so for the next few days I think i'll put this too the test... I mean come on, it's for the sake of science after all! 

8) Makeup with built in SPF is as good & effective as suncream. FICTION

I'm really bad when it comes to suncream, I all about the tan and not about the protection, which I know is extremely bad. The thought of having a bit of SPF in my foundation always makes me feel a little less guilty, little did i know that the SPF number related to the amount of time is takes for the skin to get burt! Most foundations have an SPF of 15, this means that those who wear this can have 15 minutes longer in the sun without getting burnt than those who don't. Let me just say that once more, 15 minutes. The difference between foundation and suncream. is that with suncream we reapply it every hour or so, but foundation is a one off application that usually takes place in the morning, and so by the time you've got to work or uni the protection has given all it can give! So in short, yes having an SPF in makeup is good and will protect your skin better than those who don't, however, suncream will always be the better option & always remember to reapply! 

Are there any tips or tricks you guys have used that work/don't work? We would love to hear about them :D

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Thursday, 11 December 2014
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On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Glitter, glitter, glitter!!

Christmas is one of the few times of the year where it's acceptable to go glitter crazy - sort of. Here are a few ideas we have come up with to keep that glitter craze under control! 


Glitter can look very flattering when applied correctly on the eyes. A little bit of silver or white in the inside corner of your eye can give it a nice highlight and make your eyes appear bigger, or a line across the lid can definitely compliment an outfit. There's not many rules when it comes to eyes because a lot of the time (especially around the Christmas season) more really is more. The only thing that we would suggest is to pick a specific colour pallette and stick to it. If you're not feeling very comfortable with the idea of wearing glitter, maybe choose a neutral pallette like browns, golds and creams. If you're going all out maybe try purples and blues.


Glittery nails are spot on this festive season. Our only advice for glittery nails is literally just to have fun with it!


Now this is the one to be careful with. Too much glitter on your lips, or the wrong colour, and you can end up looking like you've forgotten to lick your lips after eating a delicious, sugary doughnut. However, when the right precautions have been taken, sparkly lips can look amazing. 
We would suggest, if you're planning on wearing glitter on your lips, not wearing it anywhere else on the face, keep the lips as the main focus point otherwise you might end up looking a bit like a disco ball. For subtle glittery lips perhaps find a lipstick/gloss that matches the colour of your glitter and just apply the glitter with a small brush over the top of your lipstick/gloss.

We absolutely love wearing glitter as highlighter on a night out! It looks absolutely stunning when the light catches it. The only thing is, you just have to be careful not to put too much on at once. Our advice would be just to take a small contouring brush (or the brush you use for highlighting) and apply a very small amount to your cheekbones. If you like it, you can always build it up but don't go straight in with loads and end up regretting it!

So that's it! Our top tips for wearing glitter on your face & nails this season.

We hope you're having a fabulous December so far, feel free to comment any of your glitter tips below.

A & K x
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