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We're both students in our third year of University that love all the good things in life but can't really afford them. 

Get to know Abby!
Age: 20
Star Sign: Pisces 
Favourite Film: Pretty Woman.
Favourite Song: 'Where are you now?' - Mumford and Sons.
Favourite Book: Beautiful Disaster
Favourite Drink: LILT.
Favourite Food: Tuna.
Hate: Trainers, doughnuts, pancakes, Harry Potter, The Beatles, The Doors, sharks, spiders, the sound of permanent markers on paper, people who can eat loads and not gain weight, people who don't change the empty toilet roll.
Love: My mum, the moon & everything astrological, men with beards, pugs, food, the smell of petrol & books.
Worst habit: Moaning, I moan about anything and everything!
Make up item I couldn't leave the house without wearing: Mascara & Bronzer (I just can't decide!)

Get to know Kayleigh!
Age: 20
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite Film: Billy Elliot / It's a Wonderful Life 
Favourite Song: This literally changes by day but right now it's 'I Should Know You Better' / Prides
Favourite Book: The Time Traveller's Wife
Favourite Drink: IRN BRU
Favourite Food: Anything Chicken related
Hate: The rain, Spiders, Small spaces, the dark, narrow-minded people, ignorance, baked beans, cucumber, hot chocolate, milk, having no money
Love: Top Gear, every food imaginable that is bad for your health, old music, £££, Arctic Monkeys, Scottish accents, red lipsticks, Matt Healy, Disney movies, positive activism.
Worst habit: Being ridiculously stubborn 
Make up item I couldn't leave the house without wearing: eyebrow pencil, good eyebrows = good life

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