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Tuesday, 6 June 2017


How boring is it when people say "can you believe it's... already" but honestly, can you actually believe that it's June?! We're halfway through 2017 already... lol WHAT?! 
Anyway, it's been a while since I've blogged because, honestly, working in social media full time makes me not wanna turn my computer on when I get home, let alone start writing. But for some reason, it's a Tuesday night, the weather is awful, I'm home alone and I'm motivated to write (plus these things that I'm about to mention are DEFINITELY worth sharing). 

Maybelline push up angel mascara
Anyone that knows me knows that mascara is pretty much my life. I have my few favourite mascaras and I NEVER stray from them. Maybelline Push Up Drama is my ultimate go-to so when I seen the new Push Up Angels one I thought that I would give it a go. Literally, best thing I've done in ages. I wear it every single day and all it takes is 1 layer - it saves so much time! The brush is already curved so it uplifts & curls lashes leaving them looking long and fluttery but also strangely natural.

Maybelline fit me foundation
I literally only bought this because the mascara was buy one get one half price (or something along those lines) but I'm so happy I did! I love this foundation so much and I've worn it A LOT since. If you wanna see a genuine first impressions review watch my new video (

Slogan Tees
Nuff said really. I love them and will wear them with pretty much anything!

Dear Scantily bras
They're beautiful and they fit well, what more could you want from a bra?

Other things:
Peaky Blinders
I've tried to watch this twice before and couldn't get into it, but for whatever reason I thought that I would give it one more go and now I'm well and truly obsessed. I watched the 2 seasons that are on Netflix in a week and BOUGHT (I know!!) the third on Amazon because I just wasn't ready to stop watching. It's genuinely such a good watch and everyone in it is FIT lols.

Paramore / After Laughter
I know every single word to every song on this album because I have been listening to literally NOTHING ELSE.

New York Sex Lives podcast
Basically a Sex and The City article every week but in podcast form??? Yes please. If you're interested in such topics as "Harry Potter Erotica", "Botox for Buttholes" and "Virtual Reality Porn Is Killing Boners" then this is the podcast for you.

Let me know what you've been loving this month!

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