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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Travel: Food & Drink in Soho

I love a nice trip to the city! These past few days I've been wandering around London with my Sister & Cousin, exploring and being proper tourists. One of my favourite things about London is that there are different cultures around every corner, and with that comes the vast amounts of amazing, delicious food. There's just something about eating and drinking in London that makes me feel sophisticated (just call me the UK's answer to Carrie Bradshaw). 
Now I'm not a pro on everything London but I thought that I would share some of the places that I went yesterday, just to give you all a little bit of inspo! 

Before I got to London, I told my cousin that I definitely wanted to go for some Thai food because, being from a small town, I'd never had it before and there wasn't anywhere close by that I could get any. My cousin works in Soho and she knows the eating/drinking establishments there pretty well so she knew the best place to go to get me my Thai. That place was Busaba Eathai - a casual eatery with amazing, traditional Thai food. Everything that we ate, I had never heard of before let alone eaten before! It's such a nice, chill place to eat where you can try loads of new food (which is what London is all about really). And I managed to master using chopsticks - thats a WIN/WIN if you ask me!

After we'd finished eating it was still pretty early so naturally we thought we would go for a few cocktails. Literally round the corner was The Azulito Bar - a Mexican style tequila bar. Umm yes, you read that right. HEAVEN. It had such a quirky interior with a really cool vibe and was exactly what I was thinking for a chilled night in Soho. The cocktails were seriously incredible, they had pretty much every flavour of Margarita you could ever imagine (including Blood Orange, White Peach etc.). But don't worry, if you're not a fan of tequila there was plenty of other options!

Finally the next day, after we had meandered around London until our feet were sore, we fancied something juicy, meaty and filling aka the perfect burger. And who does burgers better than anyone else? Americans thats who! Unfortunately, seeing as we were in the UK we couldn't actually get a legitimate American burger BUT we did manage to get one that's just as delicious from The Diner. Basically it's like you're typical American-style diner but the food is so dreamy. They do every type of American-y food you'd ever want including coke floats, smothered fries and red velvet pancakes (WHAT). I had the tastiest sweet potato fries I've ever had in my life and they even boxed up the ones I couldn't finish so that I could enjoy them on the train home!

This post was a bit different to any we've done before but we hope you enjoyed it! If you have anywhere you'd recommend trying in London or anywhere else in the UK feel free to let us know in the comments!

K x

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