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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Recommended Read: January

One of our New Year resolutions was to be more creative and so, in a conscious effort to actually try and fulfil our resolutions this year, we thought we'd start doing recommended reads every month. There's nothing we love more than snuggling down with a good book, a yummy candle and a fluffy blanket, so why not join us?

Violated is a real life account from one of the many young girls who survived the Rotherham sex abuse scandal. If you aren't aware (we weren't!), the Rotherham sex abuse scandal involved over 1,400 young girls being abused by sex gangs, the majority of whom were made up of Pakistani men. Sarah Wilson uses the pages within this book to share with us her experience, which started when she was only 11 years old. This book takes the reader on an emotional journey and will leave you heartbroken. This book isn't for the faint hearted, there are vivid accounts of rape and drug use, but Sarah takes this all in her stride - though there is struggle - this book helps show that shit happens, a lot of it, but you have to carry on for yourself and those around you.

If this book has shown us anything it's how much we take our lives for granted - the safe and loving environments we were brought up in and the loyal friends we have.

If you're looking for a emotionally raw read then this is the book for you, it opens your eyes to a world you didn't think existed and makes you really think about what is important in life.

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  1. Nice reading but a bit too heavy for my taste, I'm afraid. I'd rather read fiction but I do believe it's a necessary account. The world must open their eyes to the way women has been treated besides our rose garden. Nice work Congratulations! Luciana Corrêa


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