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Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Beauty Favourites

L'Oreal Paris - Infallible 24H-MATTE
I'm not sure the name of this product is as accurate as it could be... Matte for 24 hours? I don't think any foundation, no matter the brand or the price tag, will quite allow for 24 hours of a flawless matte face (Oh the despair!). However, I love the consistency and finish of this foundation. It's a soft velvety texture that blends out well with both a brush or beauty blender and has a beautiful flawless finish. I would advise using a primer with this product and is it does have a tendency to sink into pores and go a bit patchy without - thank god for primers eh! Overall, this is definitely a foundation that I will keep using, at £7.99 this product is a must have - especially if, like me, you suffer from oily/combination skin!

MAC - Pro longwear Concealer 
I've wanted this product for a while and after months and months of debating I decided to treat myself - don't I always!? I know this is quite an old product in regards to it being on the beauty scene for a while, but when my dark circles started to match my liquid liner I thought it was time to try the heavy duty stuff! I actually picked up this concealer at the airport and was in a rush to board so I didn't really have time to test out all the colours, and the staff were so rude I didn't even want to waste my time asking so I went with NW20 and it's a pretty good match, it's light enough for an under eye highlight which is primarily what I wanted this product for. I'd love to pick up a lighter shade for extra highlighting but for now, I'm happy with this one. The coverage of this product is excellent and it blends out well with both a brush and blender. Depending on the powder I use it does sometimes sit in my pores but it's probably not noticeable to an outside eye - we all know how critical we can be about ourselves when no one else really notices! But I'd love some suggestions for a new setting powder, I find most of mine sit on my skin and don't quite do the job I want (mattifying for more than a few hours!).

OGX - Argan Oil of Morocco, Extra Penetrating Oil.
I love this product. I have long, thick hair that gets very dry at the ends, especially if it hasn't been washed for a few days. After years and years of bleaching and dying my hair it is finally getting back to a much healthier condition and this oil is definitely helping. I pour a small amount (about the size of a 50 pence piece) of oil into my palm and rub it into the end of my hair when it's damp, even when it's damp you can feel the difference instantly, it's almost like I can feel it coating my dry ends with moisture. The texture is great - it's not sticky and ironic as this may sound, doesn't feel too oily. When my hair is dry this product ensures that my hair is soft and shiny, it really is a great product! I know there are millions of oils out there that all do the same thing, but after trying a few this is by far my favourite.

Make up sponges
I don’t really know why I’m so late to catch up with this. I kept hearing people talking about beauty blenders but never really payed any attention up until now. Using a sponge to blend in my foundation has literally changed my life!! It gives such a seamless finish and somehow makes my pores disappear, what more can you ask for really? Plus, they’re not very costly at all so its win-win. 

Diesel Loverdose perfume
I actually haven’t used this perfume for over a year but I recently found a body lotion that I got in a gift set with the perfume and I was reminded of how much I love love love the scent. I’m really in to like weird smells when it comes to perfumes rather than your average vanilla or florals and this, to me, is perfect. It has an undertone of liquorice so it’s really different to anything I’ve smelt before and because the scent is quite strong it lasts for ages. I'm so bad at describing scents so I think I'd better stop before I put everyone off, but seriously if you're looking to switch it up, don't rule this one out.

We'd love to hear what you've been loving throughout November so feel free to leave a comment!

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