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Monday, 14 December 2015

Non-Beauty Favourites

It is now Winter, and Winter means staying indoors, nice and cosy watching Christmas films and keeping warm. Naturally, this also means lighting candles. Duh! There is nothing better than getting in to bed in the evening, putting on some fairy lights, lighting a candle and chilling out. They just set the mood, don’t they? We particularly love the ones from TK MAXX that are a bit different to your average, run-of-the-mill scents. We both have these amazing ones by the brand ‘Makers of Wax Goods’ that smell just like coffee! They’re A-MAZING! We definitely recommend having a look in TK MAXX (or TJ MAXX if you’re American) if you’re looking for some new, quirky candles because the scents are insane and they’re so inexpensive compared to other brands!

Online shopping

I’m the first to admit that I’m pretty darn lazy, but this year I think I’ve taken it to a whole new level… I didn’t physically go out and buy any of my Christmas gifts. I just sat in bed, on a Saturday morning, laptop in tow, and decided to use the power of technology to get my gifts delivered straight to my door (thank you ASOS). I’m sorry, okay! I’d just prefer to buy my gifts with a couple of clicks rather than spend 6 hours queueing and fighting old women for a pair of socks! (I’m not really sorry, I think it’s the best decision I’ve made all year).


Okay, since I’ve come to uni I have definitely matured. I now eat brunch! BRUNCH! Every time I say it, I feel like a sophisticated woman in New York or Paris. It’s really not that classy to be honest with you, it’s pretty much only because most of the time I don’t wake up early enough for breakfast… Either way, it’s now my favourite meal. I’ve pretty much been having the same thing for the past 3 weeks, salmon and egg on toast with spinach and rocket – YUM!


Another example of how mature I’ve become! I now drink coffee! I remember when I was younger and I tried coffee for the first time and thought ‘how the heck can people drink this stuff?!’ But now that my taste buds and I have matured, I pretty much can’t cope without it some days. I’m so proud of myself! I feel the way I did when I drank wine for the first time and actually enjoyed it (am I Carrie Bradshaw now or nah?).

Catfish & the bottlemen 

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Catfish last month and they blew me away. Their music would be on my favourites pretty much every single month but this past month I feel as though I’ve just been listening to them on repeat! Their music is the perfect mix of guitars, teen angst and sexual innuendos... What more do you want?! If you’ve never listened to them before I very much recommend them (You can check them out on our November playlist here), I guess the closest comparison is maybe like a younger version of The Strokes? They’re definitely worth a listen!

Broad city

This show is hilarious. It’s just hilarious. Hilarious. That’s all.

We'd love to hear what you guys have been loving this month, feel free to recommend some music or tv shows because we love finding new things to love!

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