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Monday, 21 December 2015

Gift ideas for her: under £10!

Shopping on a budget is always a pain in the arse. We've all been there. Everything seems to cost an arm and a leg these days! Luckily for you, however, we've found some gifts that are perfect AND are under £10 (thank us later)...

Everyone (regardless of gender) likes some kind of hot beverage, right? Whether it be tea, coffee or some obscure concoction like a vanilla chai tea mocha frappucino - mugs are  just ideal! We love the quirky, funny ones from Urban Outfitters like these, they're guaranteed to cheer a gal up on a rough Monday morning. Get them here

Another genius gift idea would be something beauty related. Obviously this is only a good idea
for the ladies that love make up, if you're intended giftee does not fit the description please skip ahead to the next gift idea, if she does then please continue reading... You can never really go wrong with an eyeshadow palette at Christmas. The ones from Make Up Revolution are amazing and so inexpensive! If you're not sure what she's in to just get a muted natural toned palette with browns and creams but if you're feeling brave try one a bit more adventurous with blues and greens. Get them here

This is a little bit different to your average gift idea which is why we think it's so good! We're suckers for homeware (and I actually own some of these, so I hope you like them) so we would absolutely love to receive these! Basically, etsy is the best place to get prints for your room and other quirky things of the same variety. These ones are from the shop oh gosh, Cindy which basically consists of these really cool watercolour illustrations of all sorts of pop culture things from Mary Berry to Beyonce! They're so inexpensive and look so cool (also it's something that the vast majority won't have or won't think to buy so bonus points!) Check them out here

Finally, two of our favourite things are strong, influential women and curling up with a good book. Combine the two together and you get Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso. What more is there to say, it sounds perfect!


  1. Those mugs are so cute!

    xo, Liz

  2. I love how unique those prints are & you really can't go wrong with a Make-up Revolution palette.

  3. I love the mugs and the prints!

    Jemima x


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