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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My hair journey

Last month I made the life changing decision to bleach my dark brown hair blonde. My intention was to go a silvery/purple colour and foolishly I thought it would happen right away and that I could do it on a limited budget - boy was I wrong! It took around 6 bleaches, 3 toners and a shit load of silver shampoo to get the colour it is now, but it was so worth it!

The first step was making the decision. Myself and Abby watched countless YouTube videos of people bleaching their dark hair at home and we decided that it was possible. I bought the Bleach London Total Bleach kit and put my hair in Abby's hands. This is how it turned out (picture on the right)...
after 1 bleach
Not great. It actually looked much worse in person. It was patchy and orange, not at all what I wanted. 
after 2 bleaches and a tone

After deciding I could not go out in public like that and ordering another box of bleach with next day delivery, we decided to try again... 

I definitely recommend not bleaching your hair twice in 2 days because my hair absolutely HATED me, but a sister's gotta do what a sister's gotta do.

So I was left with the picture on the left. Even though this didn't go as planned, I was actually really impressed with the bleach we used. Considering it was shop bought, it massively changed my hair colour and didn't sting while it was on. It also came with a hydrating hair mask which works wonders! I wouldn't use any other hair brand to be honest. I think Bleach London is really cool, it has so many funky colours that I want to try and their instagram is full of amazing hair inspo!

after going to the hairdresser
Eventually though, I admitted defeat and decided to ask my hair dresser to try to get it the colour I wanted. Of course, it was actually impossible to get there straight away because my hair was so damaged from bleaching so much in such a short space of time and neither of us wanted to risk my hair singeing off, but my hairdresser did all she could and I was so happy with the finished product.

So for the past month I've just been looking after my hair as much as possible, using hair masks and the Bleach London silver shampoo to get it as light as possible. I do intend on getting it silver eventually, but I just wanted to give my hair a bit of a break for a while! Overall, I don't regret doing it because I LOVE being blonde but if I was to give any advice, it would maybe be to just go to the hairdressers in the first place if you have dark hair. Yes, it is expensive, but a lot of people end up going anyway to get the colour corrected so it's better to just cut your losses and go in the first place. This is the colour that my hair is currently... quite a difference from my original brown!


  1. It looks so lovely on you! xx
    Samantha |

  2. Wow you look completely different with blond hair. But have to say, it suits you! :) Also the hair cut is amazing!

    Marianna X


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