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Sunday, 22 November 2015

5 things to do when you're hungover

Recently we found ourselves in the midst of a crippling hangover - we're talking heads pounding, stomachs churning and the thought of getting out of bed sickening. So, instead of doing important uni work that needed doing, cleaning the kitchen that looked like a bomb had hit it or looking at the drunken texts/calls we made that were sure to be an embarrassing drunken mistake, we decided to share with you some things that make our hangovers just a little bit more bearable.  

Not someone who can eat when they're hungover? You're missing out! There's nothing we love more than stuffing our faces with absolute crap when we're hungover (and when we're not!), it just makes you feel a little better about the bad choices you made and the dignity you lost. We recommend something loaded with carbs, we like to imagine it soaking up the alcohol in our system - it makes us feel better about eating carbs on carbs on carbs. Oh, and don't forget the orange juice, that's a must. 

Let's be honest, napping at any time of the day, hung over or not, is the best. 

A hot shower the morning after is like washing away last nights mistakes and regrets. It doesn't matter what rigorous beauty routine you endured the night before, wash out that hairspray, wash off that fake tan and make sure you scrub scrub scrub! There's just something about standing under that beautiful waterfall of hot water that helps make you feel a little more human and a little less shitty.

Be around people
Don't wallow in self pity, we know it well and it won't help. It'd be a rare occasion to find us alone when we're hungover, and not because we hate being apart or because we have hundreds of friends that want to hear about our amazing drunken attics, instead it's  because one of us likes to ring the other at a ridiculous hour of the morning because she wants attention and orange juice. Having said that, there's nothing better that being around people when you feel like shit, you can joke about the previous night, have a little cuddle, watch bad TV and just feel like crap together. Yes they might tell you about that time you were grinding on a 50 year old man who had 3 missing teeth and grabby hands, but at the end of the day that's what friends are for. 

A bit of TLC when you're feeling fragile is always the best and most appreciated. Your body is trying to fight the reminisce of alcohol and whatever fast food you ordered the night before and it just needs a bit of love. So, be it a face mask or a nose strip, pampering yourself is a sure way to make you feel a little better and help your body get back to it's normal self. 

We'd love to hear from you, hangover tips are always appreciated! :)


  1. haha great post! love those tips! :)


  2. I love hangovers when you're able to just eat everything! Nothing worse than feeling sicky after a good night out! I also agree with being around people, it's great to get together in the morning to discuss the nights antics.



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