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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mediocre Make-Up

It's not very often that we find products we don't like, but on the off chance we do we like to share it with you guys so you don't have to endure such disappointments.
Here are just a couple of products that didn't match up to our standards, we hope you enjoy!

Plump it! Volumising lip plumper!
As you already know Kayleigh and I have been on the mission for big lips for many a year! So, when I saw Holly Hogan promoting this lip product on her Instagram, saying it's better than lip fillers, I went straight over to the website and bought one, how couldn't I?! Now, I don't know if it was naive of me to believe her, after all she is a reality TV star with multiple fitness plans and books, but after watching all 10 Series of Geordie Shore I felt like Holly like I could trust her (haha, more fool me!) and didn't think she wouldn't lie to her followers for a few Bob... Boy was I wrong. The product itself arrived very quickly and it was nicely packaged. On first application I was surprised at how much it hurt, the product advises that you only apply 3 clicks worth of product in one application, so me being me I applied it the maximum amount of times so I could get the full effect of the product. The product induces a intense stinging in the lips that lasts a few minutes and my word does it hurt. I was so excited, all I could think was that the more it hurt the more it was doing, this was completely stupid of me. After the stinging sensation stopped there was no noticeable difference to the plumpness of my lips, all this product does is hurt and make your lips go bright red! I've tried it a few more times but can now firmly say that this does not work and is a complete waste of money. I've seen other Geordie Shore and TOWIE cast members promote this product and I'm so shocked at how they can willingly promote a product that is so bad. If I've learnt anything from this it's that you can't trust everything you read on the Internet (Sorry mum, I should have listened to you!).

Makeup Revolution's Salvation Velvet Lacquer - What I Believe
It's quite hard to slate a product that's only £3 because it's such a rarity, but I accept the challenge. I've had some of my best buys from Makeup Revolution but it's hard to try their newest products as they don't seem to update their displays in Superdrug & so I'm left to fend for myself in the world of online shopping. These lip lacquers apply liquid and dry matte for the, I quote, 'perfect matte lip'. It's a given that what you see isn't always what you get and this is especially the case with shopping for makeup online, but when I saw these lip lacquers on their page I had this burst of excitement that these might be ridiculously cheap dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick! On arrival it wasn't the product that let me down, it was the colour. I was expecting a nude lip lacquer with pink undertones and instead I got a bright baby pink - I was not impressed. I can't really comment on the product itself because I haven't worn it due to the colour (argh!). I still find it hard to understand how this happened as online not only do they have the picture of the product but also a swatch on a hand, I'm honestly bemused. All I can advise is when purchasing this product don't expect the exact colour that you see on the website, I hope I save you a little disappointment. 

Are there any products you've been hating on lately? Or perhaps you've had a different experience with the above products? We'd love to hear from you guys! :D 


  1. I always love reading these sort of posts!! I am SO reluctant to purchase any products from reality TV stars for this reason, I stick to the beauty gurus I REALLY trust and know! The lip voltage is very good so if that's what your looking for that's a good one however the reaction to the lips is the same and it's an intense sting and lips go red! The way the formula works is that it stings the lips so that the blood rushes to your lips making them look red which increases the plumpness of your lips:) I like some makeup rev products however some have really disappointed me:( thanks for sharing this :))

    1. Lip Voltage? Well we'll deffo be giving that a go! :D
      Yeah I agree, some are a bit hit a miss, but for the price you just have to try them! x

  2. Ugh, I hate hearing stuff like this. What's the point of using a plumper if you're in serious PAIN?!

    1. I know, especially when it's quite pricey - it's like you're paying for the pain! x


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