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Sunday, 25 October 2015

5 ways to help you get a good night sleep

Uni/college students are renowned for their awful sleeping habits and we're no exception! But we're determined to create some form of routine by the end of the year so we thought that we would write down some tips to remind ourselves of how to get a good night sleep - and hopefully help you guys out too!

1) Turn off your technology
Yes, it is hard. We are the worst for staying on our phones right before we close our eyes! But putting your phone down an hour or so before going to sleep is really beneficial in actually helping you to fall asleep. Plus, it's nice to have an hour a day away from technology, right?

2) Have a bath
Having a bath or a hot shower before bed is the perfect way to wind down. Put on your chill playlist, add some bubbles and feel your muscles relax. Ugh the thought is making us want one right now.

3) Have a hot drink
NOT COFFEE. I REPEAT NOT COFFEE (duh). A cup of tea can pretty much relax us in any situation so it's ideal for making you feel warm and fuzzy just before bed.

4) Make sure there's a nice ambience in your room
When we're in a cosy room it automatically makes us more tired. Turn off your main light and put on a lamp, or fairy lights, or light some candles (or all three). Make sure you're nice and cosy and the rest will come naturally.

5) Read before bed
Instead of succumbing to the temptations of Netflix, read a book instead. It's kinda nice to give your eyes a break from staring at a screen all day, plus reading is so underrated.

We'd love to hear any of your tips for getting a good night sleep, so feel free to share some in the comments! x


  1. A hot bubble bath followed by a good book - the perfect way to prepare for a good sleep, especially now winter is on its way.


  2. Good suggestions but try green tea instead of regular tea it's so much better for you �� ATSI X

  3. I love drinking chamomile, reading a good book, and just relaxing in my room. :)

  4. Great tips! Definitely agree with turning off technology although I'm still working on that one!

  5. this is such good advice, I totally need to follow this lately! I always have the worst habits like watching TV before bed which is the worst thing ox Holly


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