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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Back To Uni Essentials

Warm Clothes

We'll be honest, the conditions in these student houses are like the Artic. You won't want to put the heating on because you can't afford it, but you'll have an inner battle with yourself.. what if you get frost bite? You can't afford to be in the hospital, what a waste of rent money! So in the end you'll turn it on, but you won't quite have the will power to put it on constant which is what you need with those drafty windows, but you might as well just throw you're money out the window, so instead you put it on a timer which won't make a difference because the house will be so cold that by the time the heating goes off the house is only just warm enough. God, it's been a long two years as you might guess. But now we're in our final year we can firmly say we're pro's when it comes to heating so... just bring layers, it's easier. 

Fairy Lights & Candles
So maybe this is more of an essential for girls, but these are the kind of things that make your room feel cosy. There's nothing we love more than whacking on a movie with a few candles & fairy lights with a big mug of tea! It's the little things in life.

Air Fresheners
These are a must. We have about 45248 million air freshers in our house, from plug ins to motion sensors we have them all! You may find that when you move in to your new digs there is a lingering smell of boy, smoke, damp,'re landlord told you he'd give it a deep clean? He lied. Air freshers are an absolute essential when it comes to your house/room, having a nice smelling environment just makes life much happier & comfortable when you're away from home. Wilkinson's, Body Care and B&M are great places to pick up cheap deals for brands such as Glade, Febreze & Air Wick which are our personal favourites.


Mould Remover
We have a very close relationship with Mr Mould, we've had out ups and downs & have been through the toughest of times. We highly recommend taking some mould remover with you as there is a high chance you will, at some point, experience a spot of mould. This is mostly because student houses are quite damp, especially as you'll need to hang clothes near the radiators in winter to dry them, which doesn't help matters... but what's a student to do?

Contrary to what people think, being at uni is actually pretty boring during the day. I mean you can't just do work and party all the time can you? You need something to do on those hungover days or the days when you just can't physically bring yourself to do... anything. Netflix is pretty much a necessity if you want to stay sane. Watching countless episodes of The Office is how we got through our first couple of years!
 But beware, it's pretty damn addictive!

If you're a girl living with a boy or a few other guys then this is something you will most certainly need. Be prepared for the mess, the washing up, the smell, the excessively loud (bad) music... you get the picture! Also, don't think it's easy. Maybe you're very independent and love being away from home & being your own person, and that's great! But for others uni is hard. You will have your down days where you miss being at home, miss your mum, miss you boyfriend/girlfriend... just miss the feeling of being around your family and friends. Be patient, those days come and go and a lot of the time you will have good days surrounded by great friends.

You don't want to know what's been spilt on those floors and you certainly don't want to know what happened on those floors so let's keep this short. Take slippers, multiple pairs.

Thanks for reading, we hope you have an amazing day wherever you are!

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