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Friday, 17 July 2015

Things to do this summer!

With the summer holidays just around the corner we thought it'd be a good idea to create a little list of fun things we want to do this summer. We find ourselves to be so optimistic and full of dreams of what we want our summer to be every year & so we hope you get a little inspiration when reading some of our ideas :) 

Go to an ice-cream parlour. Better yet, buy an ice-cream from the ice-cream van. When we were kids the chime of the ice-cream man was enough to have us running around screaming, let's try and recreate a little of that feeling.

Take a spontaneous trip. No pre-planning or thinking of how much it'll cost or what you'll do once you're there. Just go.

Go to the zoo! The zoo is such a magical place, even at our age we find ourselves fascinated by all the animals and the atmosphere is always so infectious. 

Eat fish & chips on the beach. Yes we've probally all done it, and at some point or another a cheeky seagull has tried to nick your battered sausage, but we feel this is a traditional that should be upheld annually!

Rent a bike & cycle somewhere you'd usual drive.

Turn off your phone, TV, computer, ipad, ipod.. i everything else! Sometimes we're so busy on all our expensive gadgets that the day goes by without us even realising. Go out, stay in.. whatever, just do it without the help of you're little electrical friends.

Go to the beach and collect a whole tonne of seashells. Get creative with it, take them all home and make a wind chime or something!

Do a pub crawl with friends. There's nothing better than sitting in a pub garden on a beautiful warm summers evening. 

Plan a day trip for your parent/parents. When we were younger our parents went to so much effort in the summer holidays to make sure we had a good time & so we think it's time we repaid the favour.

Make a gourmet meal for your pet. How it it fair that our poor dogs and cats have to sit around watching us eat the yummiest BBQ food, take the time out to cook them something special.

Sleep outside. 

Go out and pick some flowers. Why spend £10 on a bunch when you could make your own!

Is there anything you guys are looking forward to this summer? We'd love to hear everyone elses summer bucket list! :D

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