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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


So it's now officially Summer time, but lone behold we have no money and we know that many people are in the same boat! So we've decided to dedicate a blog post to some of last year's trends that we would definitely wear again!

Vintage mom jeans were one of our favourite items of clothing last Summer (and have been ever since). These MOTO ones from Topshop look perfect rolled up a little at the bottom and paired with any kind of flatform shoe!
We love how they look with a cropped roll neck top that shows the high-waistedness of the jeans and a chunky chain to give the outfit the 90's feel that is so popular these days. 


Now, cleated shoes have been, like, EVERYWHERE so we thought that we would follow the crowd and buy some last Summer to see what all the hype is about. Our verdict is that, as well as being super comfy and so easy to walk in due to the platform at the front, these shoes also make a casual outfit look more dressed up and a dressed up outfit look more casual making them perfect for all occasions! We just think they look so quirky and stylish, and we would definitely wear them again this Summer.

Here are some ideas of what to pair them with:

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share some of the trends from last year that you would wear again and again! 

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