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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Body Shop Haul

We've recently been on a quest to really refresh our skin so we decided to take advantage of a recent promotion that The Body Shop had and treat ourselves to some skincare goodies!
We'd love to hear if any of you have tried any of these products or have any that you would recommend.


This has fast become my favourite make-up removal product. In case you haven't heard of this before, it's a butter textured cleanser that removes make up with the help of a muslin cloth/flannel. The consistency and texture of this cleansing butter makes removing make-up something to look forward to! This can be used to remove all make-up, including eyes, but I prefer to remove all my eye make up first, not because this won't do the job, but because otherwise it means smudging mascara all over my cheeks. A little of this product goes a long way which is good as normally £12 on a make-up removal product would be a big no no for me & my student adjusted mind. If you're wanting to try something new I would 100% recommend this to anyone, however if a butter cleanser isn't up your ally try the camomile cleansing oil, I also have this and rate both these products on the same level. 

This is another amazing make up removal product which I use alongside the cleansing butter. This eye make up remover is made specifically to target waterproof eye & lip make up which is great in Spring time with the constant spring showers forcing us girlies to coat our lashes in the most waterproof of waterproof mascaras out there! This product is great for removing tough mascaras such as Benefits 'They're real!' & Maybellines 'The Falsies' and leaves your eyes feeling hydrated even after all traces of your eye make up has been removed! 


I purchased this product when my skin was in dire need of some TLC. Recently my skin has been as dry as a nun's.... well, you catch my drift and I just can't stand it! There's nothing worse than putting foundation on and seeing it cling to all the dry patches that are dotted about the place, it makes me feel so self conscious. It is suggested that this product is to be used at night, although I use it whenever my skins needs a bit of extra moisture, and targets any dry skin in order to make skin feel and look fresh & recharged. Another handy tip, the lady in the shop recommended that if I wanted a more dewy/glowing look in the day then I should add a drop of this to my foundation. I will mention that although it says it's non-greasy it does have quite a heavy residue that stays on the skin, so if you're someone who like quick absorption then this may not be for you. Again, a little goes a long way with this product so don't go too crazy, you don't want to be wasting these little drops of skin magic!


This is a great product to use alongside the overnight serum, not only because it's the same range, but because this is great for morning/day time use as it's light weight and isn't greasy... perfect for spring/summer really! This is a great moisturiser for those suffering from dry/dull skin as it really hydrates and refreshes skin. I will just warn you that for the price the size of the pot is rather small. I don't know if I'll re-purchasing this product as I have found that it does the same job as my old faithful (Nivea) and is almost double the price but half the size! 


This product is specifically designed for those with oily/spot prone skin. We both purchased this product because lets face it, everyone has those days where your skin just isn't loving life, and for the price we jumped at the chance to try something new. The tea tree in this product is very strong & gives a bit of a sting, which we think is quite nice as it feels like it's actually doing something. However, this can be extremely drying to the skin and so we only reccommend that you use this when you're experiencing any spots or blemishes as it's perfect for drying them out and getting rid!


We both bought this face scrub with the intention of minimizing pores. It basically does what it says on the tin and there has been a noticeable difference in the size of our pores. The exfoliating factor of this scrub is amazing as it really feels like it's getting in all those nooks and crannies! BUT it is very drying on the skin. If you have dry skin, it's a definite no go. It's probably better suited for those with slightly oily skin but otherwise, it kind of leaves your skin looking a bit flaky and feeling rather sensitive. 


So I had a little panic not too long ago when I was putting on some finishing powder and I realised that my foundation had set right in to my pores, not a good look! This then led me to become concerned about how very visible my pores had become, so I was desperate to find something that would make me feel better about it. When we went in to the bodyshop it was so easy to find the collection that targeted pores so I decided to get this and I'm so glad I did. I use this every single day before I put on make up and after moisturiser, just like you would a primer and it makes a serious difference. It makes pores appear smaller and makes make up go on so much smoother. I would definitely recommend this (as well as the tea tree face wash from the same collection) if you have oily skin because it's really good at balancing out the skin and keeping make up on for longer.


This face mask is ideal for if you have oily skin. We love putting it on if our pores are feeling especially clogged because it's perfect for drawing out all of the impurities in the skin. It's a really nice consistency and feels nice on the skin because it's almost as though you can feel it working. The only thing we would say is that because it is quite strong, it leaves your skin feeling quite sensitive afterwards so it's best to be careful when rubbing your face with a towel after taking it off because it leaves your face quite red. For that reason, it's probably best to do it only once a week or once every two weeks.

Are there any Body Shop products that you would reccommend? :D


  1. Need to try more of the camomile range, I just finished up the cleansing oil and loved it! It lasted ages too!
    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I love that oil, it makes my skin feel so soft! If you liked that you should deffo try out the butter :) xx

  2. Need to try more of the newer range body shop products

  3. I lovee the body shop! I love their tea tree oil line, its amazing!

  4. I love the cleansing butter better than the oil, and the Tea Tree toner is my favorite! You should try the Tea Tree Face Mask, it's one of my favorite masks ever. :)



    1. We didn't even know there was a face mask! Is it drying to the skin? It's just we found that some of the tea tree products left our skin feeling quite dry D: x

  5. Hi Abby & Kayleigh,

    I really enjoy reading you blog so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Let me know if you take part - I'd love to read it!

    Emily xo


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