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Friday, 5 June 2015


It's that time of the month again folks (the good time, not THAT that time), can you believe it's June already?! Anyway, we've rounded up our favourite things from the past month to share with you. Feel free to comment anything that you've been loving this month because we love to try out new products! Enjoy...

Mac Mineralize Concealer - £17.99
I’ve had this concealer for a while but for some reason didn’t use it very often. This month I decided to start incorporating it in to my every day make-up routine and couldn’t be happier with it! The one that I have has a slightly red-ish undertone so it’s perfect for covering up dark under eyes and making me look at least half awake. It’s just a really nice, creamy concealer that leaves a natural finish. It’s so easy to blend and a little bit does go a long way so even though it is quite pricey for a concealer, it lasts a long time.

Mac Honeylove Lipstick - £15.50 & Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner in Spice - £2.99
There's been a lot of hype around nude lips and lipliner recently so I thought that I would get in on the trend a little bit and see what all the fuss was about. I originally wanted to get the Mac lip pencil in Soar (as that's apparently what Kylie Jenner wears on her lips) but every time I went to order it, it was out of stock. Alas, after searching the internet I heard that the Rimmel lipliner in Spice was a good dupe and at only £2.99 I could't really complain. After using it for a while, I absolutely love it! The lip pencil has amazing staying power, I find that it stays on all day without needing touched up at all, not to mention it's an absolutely gorgeous colour that goes perfectly with Honeylove. It's literally unbelievable considering how cheap it is! I love these two paired together, I've worn it pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks and have had so many compliments on it.

Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray - £4.19
Now that it’s nearing summer, I’m loving the messy, beach waves look. This product is ideal for achieving that ‘just come out the sea, tail transformed in to legs, I’m actually a mermaid’ look! I spray it on towel dried hair and tousle the ends a bit and then leave my hair to dry naturally rather than blow dry. It just creates a lovely wave with lots of nice texture. I would definitely recommend this for anyone going on holiday because it’s prefect for casual, summer looks.

Duster Jackets
Seeing as how it’s Spring now, we were looking for something a little bit lighter to wear when going out shopping or to lunch. But, because the weather in England is so temperamental, you never know how warm it’s actually going to be outside. This month we’ve found that duster jackets are the perfect in-between because they’re not too heavy but they also keep you warm if the weather does turn a bit breezey. We actually bought these matching ones from Topshop (yes we do wear them at the same time, and yes it has been commented on) and we just absolutely love them. The colours are perfect for this time of year and they’re just a really nice staple for any wardrobe!

Makers of Wax Goods Candle in Cherrywood & Cassis - £5.99
Now I'm not really a candle connoisseur but I am in to weird fragrances like wood and leather etc and was yet to find a candle that smelt like either of those. I came across this one in TK MAXX (unfortunately it's not on their website but there might be some in stores) and was drawn to it because I thought it looked pretty cool and would look nice on my fireplace, but when I smelt it I instantly fell in love. It smells really earthy like wood but with an underlay of something sweet (sorry I'm so bad at describing scents). I've never smelt anything like it before, it's so delicious! From what I've gathered online M of W.G do other interesting scents like Leather and Moss which is amazing for people who don't just want your average Cinnamon or White Cotton flavours. 

This is quite a strange one but we thought that we would include it anyway. Now that it's Summer time it's nice to have flowers around the house to keep things looking bright and fresh. Some of our favourite flowers are tulips because they just looks so colourful and pretty sitting on a desk. A nice bunch of flowers can just cheer up a room completely!

CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL Bronze Universal Bronzing Makeup Base - £32.00

I have wanted to try this product for as long as I can remember but the price has always put me off. For me, £32 could buy a weeks food shop, a months worth of water & internet... but sometimes you just gotta spend some money on the things you want otherwise life gets really boring! Anyways, lets get back to the actual product. This product is exactly what it says it is, a base. I put this product on after applying my foundation and before I conceal, highlight and set. It gives the face such a warm glow and is perfect for the coming summer months! After applying my whole base and setting it I then go in with a powder bronzer to add more definition. I apply this using my real techniques stippling brush and then blend it out using a Primark stippling brush. Before buying this I read so many blog posts and watched loads of YouTube reviews to find out what brush to use, but everyone recommended something different so I think you just have to work it out for yourself & find what works best for you. This is the perfect product for someone who is dedicated to their contouring and loves a distinct and defined look. If you're looking to splurge this June then I would recommend giving this beauty a go!

We dedicated a whole blog post to these little wonders (click here) & cannot get enough of them! They're a little pricey for what you get, which ultimately is just a little red piece of plastic, however they help you get one step closer to bigger, better lips!  

Switched at Birth - US Netflix
I have been love love loving this show! It's only available on the US Netflix which I know isn't very convenient but there are ways around this... enough said. Anyways! This show is based around two girls who discover they have been switched at birth and so connect with each other and their families. This show broaches many controversial issues, with one of the main characters being deaf it really allows the audience to understand the problems that some deaf people face and how they overcome/overcompensate for them. I must warn you, at first this show can come off a bit amateur but I have been hooked from episode one and with 4 seasons to go cannot wait to see what happens. If you love shows like One Tree Hill & 90210 then you should give this show a watch... Oh, and it's got Austin Butler in it which is enough of a reason!

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
Now I’ve never been a massive fan of Nirvana- probably because I just assumed they were overhyped like a lot of bands are- but this docufilm intrigued me. It’s so interesting to see what this incredibly famous person was actually like behind the front that celebrities are often forced to put on for the media. The documentary doesn’t put him on a pedestal like people would expect from it, it just shows the realness of his life and what he was really like through interviews with people closest to him and never before seen footage of his home life, as well as real entries from his diary. It’s a really engaging film, even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of his music, it demonstrates not only how troubled Kurt Cobain was, but also how intelligent he was too and I was completely absorbed from beginning to end.


  1. Mac Honey Lipstick is my favourite!
    Great post !:)

    Nikoleta, xoxo.


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