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Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Are you a festival virgin? Or perhaps you can't remember your last festival thanks to a little friend called Jack Daniels. Well have no fear! We've put together a mini survival guide on the do's and don'ts of festival living.

DO go and see artists you've never heard of before. Festivals are a perfect opportunity to discover some new music (plus when they get popular you'll be able to say "oh yeah I seen them back in.."). 

DO get the most out of your weekend. A lot of people go to festivals purely for the party, and that is fine. But we really don't see the point in paying £250 and not getting anything out of it but a raging 3-day hangover and a few bad memories. We recommend going to see as many bands as you can, that way you're getting your moneys worth. 

DO go with people that have a similar music taste to you. It just saves arguing about which bands to go and see and it means you'll never be on your own.

DO take all the things your mum says, even if you think they're a waste of space. We're talking hand sanitiser, plasters, paracetamol, tissues, toilet roll.

DO sneak some water in, forget about the price of alcohol, water is £6 a bottle... talk about human rights!

DO take a few disposable cameras. You don't want to be carrying around expensive cameras or phones so why not just take a few cheapo disposable cameras that are much more fun.. 
you never know what'll come out!

DO treat your fellow campers with a little respect. If you're not going to invite them to the party then the least you can do is keep the volume down & try not to fall on their tents. 

DO get there early. There's nothing more of a buzz kill than waiting in line for 4 hours to get in. It's better to be prepared, get there early, cut queues and start the fun!


DON'T take drinks off strangers.. even if they are the spitting image of Johnny Depp. 

DON'T think that £50 is enough. It's not. 

DON'T bother taking loads of make up, if in doubt just cover your face in glitter & paint.. it saves on packing space and is way more exciting.

DON'T go to a festival and camp with a brand new tent. Have a little practice in your garden a few days before.. your Dad won't be there to help when it really counts.

DON'T pack like you're going to London Fashion Week. Yes, festival fashion is all over the magazines but this is British Summer time we're talking about, there will be rain and there will be mud. You don't want to be ruining your designer gear when you can look just as good in high-street clobber!

DON'T go if it's not for you. It might seem glamorous on the BBC coverage, but it's really not. It's dirty, people smell, full of crowds, no proper way to wash, you'll most likely be hungover and you have to sleep in a tent. If this sounds like your worst nightmare- it's not even worth contemplating going to a festival. 

DON'T forget the sun cream. It's so easy to do but having sunburn on top of a hangover and greasy hair is not ideal. Just take a bottle of factor 30, whack some on in the morning and cut your losses.

DON'T be the one that takes it too far. If you go over the top on drink and/or drugs and your friends have to end up looking after you, they will resent you. Don't waste yours and their time by going over the odds.

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  1. Amazing post dear!


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