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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


So you're at a festival it's hot, sweaty, humid, muddy, noisy, bustling with people and you're as drunk as a sailor... hair might be the last thing on your mind when you're fighting your way to the front of the crowd to try and get a better view of Mumford & Sons, Clean Bandit and Chase & Status. We thought we'd put together a few simple hair looks that might inspire or help out a few of you this festival season! :) 


This is the perfect hairstyle for a hot day, when you're going to be walking for miles and jumping around to all the sickniiiiiiiing tunes! It keeps all your hair off your face and up out of the way... unless you decide to enter a mosh pit, then there really is no secure hairstyle for you.
We're loving 2 little messy buns at to the side of your head, it's super cute and so easy to do!  
Just be careful if you bring a visitor back to your tent that there isn't any kirby grips lying around because that might be a bit uncomfortable!

Half up-half down

This is a really cool, 90's look that seems to be really popular right now. It's also pretty ideal if you want to keep your hair out of your face but still want to show off your luscious locks.

If you're considering showcasing this look this Summer, we recommend a splash of sea salt spray to add texture and make it look as though you've just washed up on the beach (as a mermaid, not a whale LOL). 


What better way to bond in your tiny tent, with the smell of day old beer surrounding you, than helping your girlfriend out and giving each other some pretty braids!
This is just a really easy, fuss free way to style your hair when you want to look nice but can't be bothered putting too much effort in (especially if you're hungover!).
For a really 'hippy' feel, we love having wavy hair with one or two braids at either side (like picture 3). 

Hair accessories

There's no better way to mix your look up than adding a hair accessory to an otherwise ordinary look. You can usually get away with a lot more at festivals than you might down at your local supermarket and so why not make the most of this?!
A bandanna always looks really rock n roll and is actually a good way of hiding 3-day-old, greasy hair!
This year, we're particularly loving head chains (?) though, they look so cute and elegant but we're not sure they'd be appropriate for head banging!


  1. I love Agnes Deynes bandana 😍

  2. I love the half up and half down styles. I also love braids but so rubbish at doing them myself haha. x

    1. We're rubbish as well! We love how they look but can't even do them on ourselves or each other! D: xx


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