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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Top 10 under £10

Seeing as how we're students and we often have no money for food, let alone cosmetics, we thought we would share with you some of our favourite bargains that we've picked up from your everyday high-street shops. This is narrowed down to only our tippety top favourites, but if you are low on funds or just fancy picking up a bargain it is always worth having a good old browse in drugstores like Boots or Superdrug.

I love this foundation... How much you ask? Well, I'd deffo rate it over my Mac Matchmaster foundation. Now I know this may shock some of you, because everyone loves a Mac foundation, but the coverage this product gives is amazing and it blends out perfectly using either a brush or beauty blender. At the moment I have quite dry skin around my mouth and cheeks but am also experiencing some oil issues on the my nose and forehead, and I can honestly say that this foundation is good for those with dry, oily or combination skin!  

Need much be said about this product? Youtubers everywhere use it & I'm sure most of you have all tired it! This product offers great coverage for those who suffer from blemished skin and want a flawless concealed look and also acts as a great highlighter for those who are after a more defined look. For the price, you can't really say no. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation £4.99 (currently at Boots, RRP £7.99)
This is my absolute favourite drugstore foundation. If anyone ever asks me for a foundation recommendation it's always this and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. First of all, can we just talk about this price?! You can't really go wrong for a fiver. But regardless of the price, it is just a genuinely great foundation. It feels really smooth on the skin and gives a nice dewy effect once it's on. I suffer from dry skin on my cheeks and around my nose and find that a lot of foundations stick to the dry areas and make them look really flaky, but this one just smooths on really nicely and sets perfectly with a powder over the top. I'm not sure that it lasts exactly 25 hours (because I've never left it on that long) but it does definitely have a long stay!

I actually bought this last year after seeing it crop up in loads of Youtuber's 'yearly favourites' videos and I definitely wasn't disappointed. The two colours on the inside combine really nicely to make a nice shimmery tan colour, not too orange and not too dark. It's perfect for everyday wear just to give the face a bit more colour but not go over the top. The only thing I would say is, because it's not overly pigmented it might not show up as well on darker skin tones (it's fine for me because I'm ridiculously pale).

Tanya Burr Lashes 'Pretty Lady' £3.66 (currently at Superdrug, RRP £5.49)
I love any kind of Tanya Burr eyelash, be them natural for everyday wear or full and voluminous for a night out, I just cannot get enough! These lashes are really easy to apply... And can we just talk about the glue for a second? I literally wore these lashes for 12+ hours when we went up to London to see RuPaulBots and they were still hanging on tight by the time we got home. 

I read about this in Lou Teasedale's book The Craft and I instantly wanted it (you don't ignore make up advice from Lou Teasedale, you just don't). Ever since I first bought it in August of last year it has been my absolute favourite mascara. I wear it every single day. It doesn't cause clumps or stickiness, it just gives them length and volume - exactly what you would want from a mascara. I love to use this for 'spider lashes' (where you layer mascara like 27 times to make your eyelashes really really thick) and it works really well. The consistency is really nice as well because it's not too runny so it doesn't cause smudging on the eye lids or underneath the lash line. IT'S JUST PERFECT OKAY!

This product is great for adding that little sparkle to your make up. A little bit goes a long way so it's well worth the price and it comes out really pretty and delicate. It's perfect for nights out or events where you want to do something different or just add a twinkle. It's so easy to apply with a small shadow brush either on it's own or on top of an eye shadow base! 

This eye shadow is out of this world! The colour is hard to describe but I'll give it a go...It's an iridescent maroon with hints of purple, brown, red and blue. When the light hits this shadow it quite literally is an indescribable beauty... you just need to try it out for yourselves to know what I mean! I'm not sure this product is worth the full £9, but there really are no other shadows/brands that offer this kind of quality and pigment in a product and so if you're brave enough to spend almost a tenner on a little pot of magic, then I 100% suggest you do!

This is honestly my favourite eye shadow palette ever.. and I have tried many. This palette has 32 beautifully pigmented matte shades which range from browns, greys, blacks, pinks, purples, oranges and beige's. I love all Makeup Revolutions eye shadow palettes as they are so reasonably prices and the products are amazing quality, a lot of these shade dupe Urban Decays Naked Palettes and is less that half the price! This palette is also a great size for travelling and the diverse range of shades means it can be used for eyes, brows and contouring!

This product is definitely one of the best lip products that we have ever used, period. It comes out with a brilliant matte finish but is actually really nourishing on the lips rather than drying so it's much nicer to use than a lipstick (especially in the Autumn/Winter seasons). The available colours are beautiful and it has amazing staying power. It's definitely worth the money!


  1. Such a good post! I love the Collection lasting perfection concealer, it's such good value for money


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