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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MET GALA 2015: Battle of the Dresses

Kim & Beyonce

We really had high hopes for Kim, we wanted something classy, chic and elegant... but this dress was the complete opposite of what we wanted & didn't surprise us at all. Not only is it almost identical to Beyonce's 2012 Met Gala dress, but come on, we've seen her practically naked on the front cover on a newspaper & in all her Instagram photos. We already know she has a great body and that she loveeees to show it off, but we were craving something totally out of character and surprising from her! Don't get us wrong, this is an absolutely beautiful dress, and this colour choice was perfect for Kim... we just wanted more from her.

We love how the whole colour scheme of this dress is based around Bey's natural skin tone, it's almost like she's completely starkers with only glitter and gems covering her cheeky parts! We're also love love loving Bey's hair here, taking it all out of her face and off her shoulders/chest was such a good move, her fierce hair that we all know and love would have just detracted away from this stunning dress. We have to admit, Beyonce did showcase a similar dress in 2012, so although this dress made our jaws drop on seeing it, we still think she could have pushed the boat out a bit further..although definitely not as much as her sister did.

Winner: Beyonce

Sarah & Solange

Sorry but are we the only ones that see some kind of resemble to Mushu (the little dragon out of Mulan) here?! No, but in all seriousness this look is definitely something Carrie Bradshaw would whip out for a day round the shops! We think this is partly why this look didn't really shock us as much as it should have. We admire her attempt at stepping outside the box with the oriental style head piece, but we're firm believers in the fact that only Lady Gaga can attempt to pull off such extravagant pieces as it shocks no one! Can we all just take a minute to admire SJP's eyes here though, they are just out of this world!


We're not really sure what to say about this.. it's definitely interesting. If the dress didn't have the excess material spouting out the top & sides we think that this would have been a really show stopping, beautiful dress. However, even Solange can't salvage a dress that looks like a smashed mirror... or a jellyfish. It's pretty safe to say that Beyonce out shined her sister at this event.

Winner: SJP 

Anne & Rosie

We're getting a slight Star Wars Princess Leia vibe here! We're actually quite enjoying this dress from Anne, it's so different to all the other dresses that were seen and it was totally unexpected!... I mean, who wears a hood to the Met Gala?! We love how Anne has kept her accessories very simple, with a gold clutch to compliment the dress and some simple studs in her ears, this look is very much all about the dress. However, the simplicity of this dress definitely made it drop into the background, it had a lot of tough competition which is a shame because we really feel that this look is something unusual and fresh.

We think we literally turned into lesbians when we saw this picture. Rosie is so beautiful and this dress is literally gorgeous. This dress is definitely one of the more sexier numbers seen on the red carpet with the high leg slit and the interesting bodice shape. Her sleek up-do accentuates her sharp cheekbones, plump lips (with a lip colour to die for) & those on point brows! We literally can't fault this look.

Winner:  Rosie

Vanessa & Kendall 

There's a lot going on here. We're loving the shoes with this dress, but the earrings and net hat thing just seems like too much with the intricate detail on the dress. We're also questioning Vanessa's colour choice here as in some pictures she was blending in with the carpet! However, the shape of this dress is really flattering to her figure and the jewels turn an otherwise simple dress into something beautiful and interesting.

Is that some cheeky side boob we see Kendall?! You little minx you. We're loving this dress on Kendall so much, but I guess that's what you get from becoming a supermodel overnight - lots of fashion connections! The texture & colour of this dress is almost mermaid like and the side detail is sexy yet elegant at the same time. We're big fans of how simple Kendall has kept both her hair and make-up, she looks so youthful and radiant in this picture and the dress adds a sultry look to her usual simplistic style.

Winner: Kendall

We'd love to hear your opinion on these dresses, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding some of them! 

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