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Sunday, 10 May 2015


With exams in a week and everyone back in the house we thought it would be a good idea to utilise our housemate Charlie whilst we still had the chance! We've collected a group of topics that could be considered to be quite controversial between guys & girls. With each topic we've given our views and opinions and asked Charlie what he thinks. Being psychology students we are very aware that Charlie's answers cannot be generalised to the whole male population, but we thought it would be interesting to see the difference!
(Just a mini disclaimer: we are not setting out to hurt anyone's feelings with our opinions, this is just a bit fun!)


K: I just love this big lips  craze!  I have to admit, I am one of those people that's spent money on lip scrubs, lip glosses and lip moisturisers all to try and get bigger lips because I feel like lips can change a person's entire face. I LOVE IT!
A: I literally want to cut their lips off and stick them to my own. There is nothing I want more than big lips at the moment... I could wear any lipstick I wanted and it would look fierce! I'm not trying to be mean to people with thin lips (I'm one of them!) but there's nothing I love more than meaty lips and would loveeeeee to be blessed with such... 

C: Erugh, these are so gross. I really don't understand the need for massive lips... if you kiss someone like that it'll consume your face, it's all about the technique not the equipment. 


K: I actually really like these! I think they're so cool looking and fun. I love the whole festival feel of them and they're only temporary so you can change them to fit your outfit which is cool. I actually want to invest in some of these for Summer!
A: I mean, I like these tats when I see them in Instagram pics on people who are at Coachella or some cool place with sun and cool scenery, but i'm not sure how i'd feel seeing someone walking through Northampton town in them. They're pretty, but I won't be wearing them any time soon. 

C: I don't really understand these, you wouldn't have them permanently so what's the point in sticking them on for a few hours. If you're going to wear these man up and get the proper thing. 


K: These nails are sickening and everyone knows if you're not wearing nails, you're not wearing drag!
A: I loveeee these nails! I'm not 100% on the really pointy and sharp kind, but I love how elegant and slender stiletto nails can make fingers/hands look. 

C: One word: dangerous. How do girls do things with these?! Although to be fair I don't really notice nails, they don't make a girl any more or less attractive. 


K: I'm not really a big fan of tribal tattoos. I just don't really get them? I guess I just prefer actual picture tattoos rather than just shapes.
A: Honestly? I really don't mind a (tasteful) tribal tattoo! I think it's just like a girl getting a heart or butterfly tattoo... it's just some shaped meshed together to make something interesting! I think these types of tattoos are often over stereotyped which is a shame because some tribal tats can be really cool!

C: No, just no. It's the person that gets them not the actual tattoo... do you know what I mean?


K:If we're talking morally then I guess it was the right thing to do, but if we're talking personally, I'm gutted. Jezz was my favourite out of the 3 on Top Gear. His banter and general personality is what made it worth watching in the first place! 
A: Heartbroken. Jeremy wanted what he wanted, it was the other guys job to do it... why wasn't he fired?! I would be honored to be punched in the face by Jezza. I'll follow you JC, wherever you may go <3

C: I wasn't surprised when this happened and I think that they've done the right thing. I don't think it would have been right if stayed, he can't get away with it & if he had stayed it would just fuel his behaviour. I love the show but I'm honestly not that bothered by it.


K: This is something that I feel very strongly about. I just think that a lot of people are slightly blinded now a days and they assume that we are equal when in reality we're not quite there yet. I understand that a lot of people get frustrated when they hear so much about it but it's something that a lot of women are passionate about because of how frustrating it is to be seen as inferior especially in relation to things like rape and sexual harassment etc... 
A: Hmmm, this is a very hard topic to talk about. Yes I want women and men to be equal in all way possible but at the same time I don't think women should feel pressured to feel the way others feel. Personally, I don't want to be all career and independent for the rest of my life, I could quite happily be a stay at home mum and wife... but sometimes when I say this I get judged. Yes women have fought for year for equal rights and I really appreciate that... but at the same time I think women are too judgmental of other women's views than they should be.

C: Go for it, just don't rub it in my face.


K: In the past year I feel like my life/personality has actually changed so much after discovering the drag community. It's so refreshing to see these men ignore all of what society expects and just be who they want. I think more people should take a leaf out of their book(s) and just accept people for who they are. Not to mention they're absolutely stunning!
A: I always feel so empowered when I watch these women on TV or at a show. Their 'I don't give a fuck' attitude is so inspiring and dare i say... attractive?! There's nothing that I hate more than when other people think those who do drag are weird or abnormal... it's an art form and I will forever appreciate it... I mean, these men can do things with make up that I would love to do!

C: I don't really understand what makes them want to do it.. I just can't relate to it. 


K: I found it so heart-warming to see all the positivity surrounding this from Bruce's family, other celebrities and just every day people. I think this is a prime example of how much more accepting society has become and it's honestly something that makes me really happy. I wish Bruce all the best with his new life and I hope that things will be better for her now that she is open about who she is.
A: I was shocked, I won't lie. After watching KUWTK for the past few years there was never any hint that Bruce might have wanted to be a woman. I think it's sad that it's taken this long for him to be comfortable enough to come out and tell everyone but I'm so happy that his children and Kris are supporting him. Any one who speaks ill of Bruce and his changing appearance should feel ashamed, he truly is an inspiration to many.

C: Again, I don't understand but I am surprised that it took him this long to come to terms with himself. If he felt he needed to do it, I can't say otherwise.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post & would love to hear your opinions on some of these topics! :)


  1. Very cute to get a guys opinion!
    No on the huge lips.
    Yes on the metallic temporary tattoos.
    No on the nails (not on me at least!) :)


  2. This is just the kind of blog I want to read! xxx


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