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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Welcome to another week's installment of The Festival Edit! 
When you're drinking all day and jumping around like a lunatic all the while trying to battle the weather (an impossible task in the UK), it's hard to know if make up is even worth putting on. We've compiled a list of easy, festival make-up looks that won't take up too much time and won't look too disastrous in the pouring rain!

We loveee this whole face sticker thing sooo much! Topshop have some great ones this year, we're talking moons, stars.. they even have stickers for wellies which would be great for T in the park and Glastonbury! You don't want anything too heavy in the day time so we thought a light BB cream would be great to provide a bit of coverage for those that want it. To save on space instead of taking both a blush and a bronzer why not just take a bronzer to add a bit of colour to your face, it could also double over as eye shadow and eyebrow powder! A tinted lip balm is great for extra moisture and also adds a bit of something something to an average look. And of course make sure your mascara is waterproof, you never know when it's going to start chucking it down & that's almost guaranteed at any festival here in the UK. 

This is another natural look that is ideal for festivals and Summer in general, perfectly demonstrated by the ever-flawless Emma Watson! The Tea tree BB cream from The Body Shop is ideal because it's light but also good for pores (why must your skin suffer in the name of fun!). We love how Emma's eyebrows are pretty much the main, stand out feature of this look so an eyebrow pencil with a spooly is ideal for festivals. A natural blush would also just finish off this look just to add a bit of colour. This one from Rimmel is ideal because it comes in a small package and doesn't break the bank!

Who better to take festival make up inspo from than a real Rock and Roll queen! Dark eyes are perfect for looking grungey at a festivals and this look harks back to a time when guitars still reigned supreme! This Kohl eyeliner from Sisley is perfect because it has a sponge at the other end which is ideal for smudging and blending, it would look marvellous paired with a quick coat retro scandal eyes mascara. The best bit is, if it happens to rain and the eyeliner happens to smudge, it will just add to the rock and roll feel!
Finally, lets not forget the signature Red lip... just be careful not to smudge it in amongst the heavy drinking and the aggressive chanting!

We all know that a festival is the only place someone could really pull off a coloured eyeliner and mascara without people giving them weird looks! We say go crazy, whack on as much colour as you can.. it'll look great on Instagram. Sticking to a light foundation is key and Benefits 'Hello Flawless' is great for this as it's very lightweight. A bronzed look is also essential in summer time and so make sure you've got a great bronzer with you, we love Benefits sunbeam as it gives a little shimmer which is stunning when the sun hits it!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Loving the first look with the stickers and natural makeup for a festival.

  2. The grunge look is a definite must! (Thanks for following my blog on bloglovin :))

  3. Lovely post hun! I love the face stickers sooo much too!

    X Marjolein

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Finally someone has found an appropriate event to wear coloured eyeliner to! It looks fab on that photo!
    Jennie Emma


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