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Friday, 22 May 2015

5 of our favourite apps!

This is perhaps the only app we've ever paid for ever in our entire life, but gosh is it worth it! Since we started blogging, we've been trying to improve our photography skills and this has helped so much. It's basically an app that takes the tragic and turns them in to magic. It's so easy to use with sliders to turn up (or down) brightness, contrast and exposure etc. and loads of filters that you don't get anywhere else. At only 69p it's actually a bargain and we definitely recommend it if you're a blogger!

This is literally the best app that has ever been invented. If you're a someone that loves fashion or anything girly then this is for you!! This app is all about styling up clothes, I'm talking shoes, bags, accessories, hair, make up... the whole works! The app is based around entering fashion events in order to win designer clothes and getting your closet value up in order to unlock new hair and make up looks. This really is an addicting app so if you're busy with exams or work at the moment we don't recommend getting it right now, you'll want to be on it all day! Oh, and the best part? it's FREE. 

I think we're a bit behind on the hype with this app, but it's just soo funny! We first saw this when some of the cast from Made in Chelsea starting posting some funny videos on Instagram & from then on in we have been hooked! This app allows you to lip sync (?) to songs, adverts, catch phrases, famous movie lines and so on. Of course, as soon as we saw how many things this app had to offer we looked up Ru Paul & low and behold we have been in heaven ever since! This is a great app for just having a giggle with your pals,  we deffo recommend looking this up if you haven't already :)

This is one of the best apps ever. Period. For those that don't know, this is basically a music streaming app that has pretty much every artist you would ever wish to listen to on it! 

The app itself is free and it is possible to have a free account (where you can listen to any music you want on shuffle mode, with an internet connection) or if you don't mind paying £9.99 a month (50% discount for students, HOLLA) you can listen to whatever song you want without having to use the internet!
This is the app that we use DAILY to listen to tunes while we're blogging or revising. It is great for introducing new music because you can browse the playlists for different moods or discover newly released albums as well as share playlists with your friends.
We'd definitely recommend this to all the music lovers of the world!

This app is perfect for people who are trying to get healthy or like to keep an eye on what they're eating. We mentioned it before in our New year, New you post back in January and we're still loving it! Basically you fill in what you've eaten that day (it separates in to breakfast, lunch and dinner) or scan the barcode of what you've eaten if it came from a packet and it tells you the nutritional info (like calories, grams of fat and salt etc). It's great for keeping an eye on calorie intake if you're trying to lose a bit of weight and is good for motivation (because who wants to physically admit that they've eaten 4 share bags of minstrels?!). It's definitely our favourite health/fitness app!

We hope you enjoyed this little insight in to our phones... We'd love to hear what apps you are enjoying!

A & K x


  1. I agree with dubsmash! At first I hated it but now I love it!!! And I love snapchat, Pinterest, polyvore, and tumblr which is my newest obession! Great blog post xoxo

    1. Yessss! We love polyvore & tumblr as well! :D xx

  2. I've been thinking about getting Afterlight for a while and now I think I will. I am slightly addicted to Instagram so it will come in handy there!

    Jemima x


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