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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lipstick brand: Rimmel

Hi guys, we haven't done a post about make up in a looooong time so I thought what better to do then share with you some of my favourite lipsticks from my favourite lipstick brand!

I am an absolute sucker for a Rimmel Lipstick especially if it's from the Kate Moss collection. To me, the colours are absolutely perfect, they seem to look good on anyone, they stay on all night when I wear them out to clubs and the consistency is really nice (not too matte that it makes your lips look like shrivelled raisins!) So if anyone asks me for a lipstick recommendation, it's always Rimmel!

Here are my top 4 from the Kate Moss collection...

1) #107 [Bottom Left]
This is my absolute favourite lipstick of all time. It is the only one that I have repurchased at least twice and it's the one that I immediately reach for when I'm not sure what to wear. 
The colour is called 'Wine' but it's more of a berry colour. It's quite dark in comparison to other reds but it's not vampy as such. It's perfect for like Autumnal weather or if you fancy a slight change from Red. 
I would definitely recommend this if you want something a little bit edgy because the colour is perfect for day or night wear!

2) #07 [Top Left]
This colour is the closest one in the collection to Honeylove/Velvet Teddy from Mac. It's not an exact dupe, but it's a gorgeous nude colour similar to the Mac ones.
The colour of this comes out a bit more creamy and less matte looking, but I think that's a good thing because it gives a nice sheen to the lips and makes them appear slightly more pouty and Kylie Jenner-esque.
I would recommend this if you're looking for an ideal nude lipstick for everyday wear but don't want to pay Mac prices!

3) #22 [Top Right]
This one looks really pink in this picture but it's actually quite Red with a pink undertone. I think it's a really nice alternative to deep Red because it's more, kind of, Springy. 
I use this one quite a lot when I go out in the evening because I think it goes really nice with an LBD or a winged eye-liner/ bold lip combo!
I would recommend this if you want a new Red lipstick that's slightly brighter for spring!

4) #110 [Bottom Right]
This is more of a pink colour. It's pretty much the only lipstick I have in this colour because I'm not really fan of pink lips (partly because I'm not brave enough and I don't think I'd be able to pull it off), but this colour is absolutely gorgeous. 
It gives that slight pop of colour that is ideal for Spring/Summer months without being overly bright, bright like baby pink. 
I would recommend this if you, like me, are a bit scared of trying bright pink lipsticks but are brave enough to branch out a little bit!

And that's the top 4 Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick recommendations (gosh that was a bit of a tongue twister).

We'd love to hear your lipstick recommendations or what you think of the Kate Moss collection.

A & K x


  1. Great post!
    Love these lipsticks so much! All shades are perfect! :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo,

  2. My favourite shades from this collection are 104 and 105. Perfect Kylie Jenner colour.

    Kate xx


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