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Thursday, 26 March 2015


Hieeeee all you beautiful people, we're so sorry we haven't been blogging very much recently. It's partly because we've had assignments due in but also partly because we're not very good at organising our time! Anyways, we're back and we thought we would share our day with you (yesterday).

So yesterday we decided to have a little family outing with our housemates because that is one of the perks of living with 4 of your best friends!
The first thing we did was go to the piercing parlour because Abby is a sucker for a nice piercing (as you can see from her metal ear). She decided that she wanted to be brave and get an industrial/scaffolding piercing. It was gross to watch, but looks pretty darn cool! 

(If you have any questions about tattoos or piercings, do feel free to ask in the comments). 

After that we decided to do what we do best... Spend money that we don't have! This is literally one of our worst habits, but shopping is just so therapeutic after a stressful couple of weeks!

So finally, we decided to go on a little trip to the US of A to finish our day! Just kidding, we went for dinner at Buddies Diner in Northampton. It's set out all American-y and all the burgers have cool names like 'Frank Sinatra' and 'Tony Soprano'. Long-island ice teas were ordered as a homage to Carrie Bradshaw, it was SJP's 50th birthday after all! We played trivial pursuit until our food arrived and it was so nice. 

Aaaand that was our day!

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our lives and happy Thursday!

A & K x

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