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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentines outfit ideas :)

Hiiieeee, With Valentines day fast approaching we thought it'd be a good idea to brainstorm some outfit ideas! Now we're no expert when it comes to the old wining and dining, the closest thing we get is a slightly faster reply but we know there's many love birds out there who would just love a day to spend with their lover! We've put together some different looks depending on what you'll be doing that day, we hope you enjoy :)

Don't be coy, we both know what you'll be seeing ;)

Ok, so you might not think that these thigh high boots are suitable for a cinema date, but I couldn't let these boots go to waste! If I could strut round in heels like SJP then I would wear these beauties everywhere. However, if you're not feeling up to skyscraper heels then a nice pair of nude brogues would go just fine :) 


With this look, it's more about the make-up than anything, because if you can't accentuate those eyes on Valentines day, when can you?! We love a kind of monochrome, black and white smoky eye with a dramatic flick. This palette by NARS would be ideal paired with a gorgeous pair of MAC lashes. For the clothes, it's probably better not to go over the top on colour if you're having dramatic eyes, so we'd suggest a black or gold to accentuate the eye make-up and red lip!

Walk in the park

Baby pink is an ideal colour for dressing up in the day time, because it's cute rather than fancy. Either of these two skirts paired with an every day black and white striped T-shirt make for a gorgeous, half-casual outfit. This would particularly look nice with some natural looking make up. We've suggested the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Nars COPACABANA Highlight and Tanya Burr 'Date Night' Lashes.

Night In

Now I know normally it wouldn't matter what you wear on a cosy night in, but if you are deciding to stay in on valentines day why not step out of the trackies and into something a little bit more fashionable... It couldn't hurt right? I'm not suggesting ditching the slippers for stilettos, in fact I'm all for slippers! Whether you're with your friends or your boyfriend it's always nice to make a bit of effort! :)

Cocktails with the girls! 
(because who needs a man)

I wanted to keep this look very elegant and so I went with a simple white and red look. This dress is definitely for the more daring, the plunging neckline isn't for the fainthearted but if worn with confidence this outfit will deffo steal a few glances when you're out with the girls! 

Shopping & lunch 

This is tricky because you don't want to dress up too much for lunch, so I thought who does casual chic better than anyone else?! Fearne Cotton, that's who!

Ripped jeans, a band t-shirt and a leather jacket are perfect for that dressed down, Rock star look - just add some tortoise shell sunglasses for a real "I'm hungover and don't want to talk to anyone except my boyfriend and I'm only talking to him because it's valentines day" look!

And if you're not doing anything on the ever looming 14th then don't worry, crack open a bottle of wine and whack on a Katherine Heigl chick flick, there's nothing wrong with a bit of alcohol and self pity! :'D

We'd love to hear about your Valentines plans, so feel free to drop us a comment letting us know what you'll be up to and more importantly, what you'll be wearing! 


  1. I love the leather jacket and skinny jean look. It's pretty much my go-to and it's probably exactly what I'll be wearing on Valentine's Day.

  2. Do you know where I could get the skirt with the lips on it from? I adore it! And this post :-) xo

  3. you made some gorgeous outfits! I love the eye make up for the dinner look! Great post!


  4. Thank you lovelies!💕

    The skirt is from River Island :-) x


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