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Thursday, 19 February 2015

New York Fashion Week: Celebrity Style on the High Street!

Seeing as it's NYFW right now, we thought we'd show you some of our favourite looks from celebrities that have attended the fashion extravaganza so far this week and how to get them!

The first one is this lovely Lemon look from the stunning Kate Hudson. Kate looks absolutely blooming (haha get it) gorrgeous in this yellow outfit. This look is perfect for spring, it just seems to cheer you up when you look at it and it really compliments her skin and makes her look positively radiant. 
The main thing about this outfit is the colour (obviously). This pleated midi-skirt from Topshop (1) really captures the bright-yellow spring time look that Kate is so fabulously displaying. It's slightly high-waisted so is ideal for giving you hips and it has a beautiful jacquard texture to make it extra fancy! We thought that this would be nice paired with a plain white bardot style crop top (2), pretty much identical to the one that Kate is wearing, just because yellow on yellow may be a bit bright for every day. Personally, we think it might be nice to kind of separate off the colours a little bit and add more hips by adding a plain black leather belt (5) or a leather jacket (3) just to make this cute, girly look a bit more Rock'n'Roll if that's what you're in to, but it's not necessary, just a matter of preference. Finally, can we just talk about these shoes though?! *swoon* These nude court shoes (4) might actually be the ones that Kate is wearing! The pointed toe is so elegant looking and the casual colour would go with pretty much any outfit. Just finish up with a Red lip (6) and you're good to go!

The next look is this stunning 70s vibe from Rita Ora.
Rita is such a fashion icon right now and she always knows how to style an outfit to perfection, even her hair goes with her outfit here! 
Okay so the main theme for this is 1970's style. We love the colour of this fur gilet (1) not to mention it will keep you nice and warm during this horrendous winter months (well your mid section at least). Rita has paired hers perfectly with a black turtle neck so we have decided to follow suit and add in this one from Topshop (2). Now we're not really ones to wear flared jeans, like ever, but Rita is WERKING them here so if you're feeling brave these ones from ASOS (4) would go perfectly to give you that true 70's flare (ha ha). Accessories wise, layered necklaces are gorgeous over turtle necks (3) and these big round sunnies are like soooo far out (appaz that's what they used to say in the 70's?) But seriously, this look just goes together so perfectly! Just add some thick spider-leg lashes and a nude lip and you're ready for the FROW.

The final look comes from Carrie Bradshaw Jr. AnnaSophia Robb! Her pretty, preppy attire somehow manages to look high fashion and casual all at the same time.
This shirt/blazer combo is perfect for the smart-dressed up, Cambridge university kind of Jack Wills-y look, and  the slightly ripped jeans make the outfit look dressed down as well as dressed up. But what is really interesting is the way that AnnaSophia is wearing a coat over a blazer and it looks nice?! Carrie Bradshaw would be proud! Although it might get a bit hot with two jackets on, we do love this one from New Look. This outfit would be perfectly finished with a pair of slightly pointed, black court shoes, a school satchel-style box bag and a watch just to give it that "haay I'm on the Oxford rowing team and I'm super fashionable" look!

We hope you liked this post and are enjoying fashion week as much as us!

We would love to hear what you think about these looks. What's your favourite? Have you seen any other celebrity looks that are to die for this week?


A & K 

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