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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Does drinking 2 liters of water a day really make a difference?

Let's be honest, we've all heard this many times, drinking 8 glasses of water a day will give you many benefits such as helping with weight loss, keeping skin clear, boosting energy, improving concentration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles & so much more!! So, I thought I'd put it to the test.

Starting from the 9th of January I began drinking 2 liters of water everyday for 4 weeks. At the end of each week I wrote down any changes I noticed, even if they were very little.

Week 1
The first thing I have to say is that I cannot stop weeing. I'll literally go to the loo and 5 minutes later need to go again... It's very inconvenient, especially when we're in the middle of watching RuPaul! But anyways, lets get down to business... It's only been a week but so far I have noticed a few small differences. I definitely feel much much more awake. Normally I get tired at around 4-5, at which time Kayleigh and I usually take a little hour nap.. but this week I have not taken one nap! I feel like I have a lot more energy which is  great feeling, especially on the first week back at uni. I haven't really noticed any differences in relation to my skin, I'm still getting a few blemishes here and there.. but I will keep this up and report back next week! Here's hoping my skin will be luminous by the end of these 4 weeks.. people better be referring to me as a Greek goddess, that's all I'm saying! 

Week 2
Ok, so it's week 2 and I must say that carrying round a 2 liter bottle of water with me is getting rather annoying! So far, I'm still feeling better energy wise, which is great! However, as for the other benefits it's talking about I just can't be sure. My skin seems to have taken a turn for the worse this week and so I'm guessing the water isn't helping me in this department, my waistline is the same, but that could be all the excess pizza I've been eating! D: I have to say though, I find myself craving water when I normally wouldn't which is actually quite nice. Another thing that I must mention is how much I feel better in myself as I haven't been drinking any processed drinks... I never usually used too, but now even when I'm presented with one, I would rather refuse it and drink water! Can't wait to see if there will be any other changes by next week! :)

Week 3
So here I am, sitting at my laptop with my 2 liter bottle perched next to me, trying to think what to write. My skin has cleared up, but I must say, with all this water going through me I was hoping that my skin would become much more hydrated and a lot less dry. I haven't seen as many changes as I would have liked to at this point, but there's still a week to go so maybe next week there will be a sudden change and I'll come out of this looking like Angelina Jolie!

Week 4
I feel kinda sad that this has come to an end! :(
Now, I know I gave you some benefits at the start of this, but I've decided that I'm not going to say what has and hasn't worked, instead I'm just going to tell you guys the difference I'm feeling within myself. My skin has definitely been a lot better since drinking this much water which I'm very thankful... I have a lot more energy all the time which is the first thing that I noticed, even after week 1, this is mainly the reason I want to keep going with this, I love feeling awake and energised throughout the day!
Another thing I've noticed is how much I miss drinking water when I don't have it near me... I just went home for the weekend and forgot to take my bottle with me and I can't tell you how lost I was without it... I felt so thirsty and couldn't stop craving water! The one downside to this experience is the amount of times I have to go for a wee! I mean, other than the fact that it interrupts most of my daily tasks, it kinda feels good.. like I'm flushing out the toxins in my body :) I'm deffo not going to be giving up my 2 liters a day anytime soon, I'm starting to get a bit more creative with it though, throwing in some cucumber, lemons and limes... this adds a bit of excitement to an otherwise boring day at uni! SO... if you're feeling a bit tired these days and want to try something new I would deffo recommend giving this a try, what have you got to lose?! :D  

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any other suggestions we'd love to hear them! :) 

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