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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Battle of the Geordies: Vicky Vs Charlotte!

Ok so we both got on the hype of the Geordie shore lasses workout videos... it was inevitable really. With no money to buy a gym membership and not wanting to run anywhere we might actually be recognised we thought this was the perfect solution! After trying out both Vicky and Charlotte's DVDs we thought we'd report back to you guys...

When we first saw Vicky's transformation we literally couldn't believe our eyes! Gurrrrrrrl she is looking fine! After a quick strop at how unfair life is we thought we'd give it a whirl. After trying it for a week we were surprised at the results, not only were we noticing a difference but we we actually found ourselves enjoying the workouts. The workouts are only 10 minutes long which is great for those ladies out there who have a busy schedule, each workout progresses a bit in difficulty with a total of 6 different levels. Or course it just wouldn't be the same without Vicky and her cheeky one liners! 

Charlotte's transformation is also very impressive, again a strop was had at how everyone is losing weight and it's unfair because they can afford personal trainers and vegetables & we cant, but we soon got over it. After seeing some tweets saying how this DVD helped them lose 5-7 pounds in the first week we couldn't not try it! However, we were a tad disappointed with the content and the workouts involved! Now, it could be because we had high expectations after Vicky's cracking attempt... but either way we can't say that it's our favourite. Firstly, the workouts are only 3 minutes.. yes this suckered us in too.. but after trying it they just aren't long enough, you just start to get going and it's over. Unlike Vicky's, Charlotte makes a comment during the DVD about how she got the body she now has by doing all 12 workouts together and the extra ab workout at the end... so it's not really a 3 minute belly blitz as the front cover would suggest, instead it's a 34 minute belly blitz. When comparing this to Vicky's, her DVD suggests that one 10 minute workout a day is plenty enough and I'd agree because compared with Charlotte's we found that Vicky's DVD got our heart rates up and kept them going for longer. 

Another thing worth comparing is the warm up and cool down on both these DVDs. We found that with Charlotte's it just didn't do the job, it's more like a mini workout & there was no real stretching involved which is probably why we felt so stiff afterwards. However, Vicky's on the other hand is perfect! It's quick yet stretches out all the right body parts that need extra attention, just like the cool down! :)

So basically, if we had to recommend one we'd deffo push Vicky's... it's got a great variety of workouts, it's quick and easy if that's what you need or it allows for a harder workout also! 

We'd love to hear your opinions on this whether you've tried either one of these... or both! :D  

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