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Saturday, 21 February 2015

2015 Hair Trends: Hit or miss?

1) Longtails 

We're all familiar with the ponytail.. you know the only hairstyle your mum seemed to know when you were in year 5? Well we've seen it all, from high and sleek to loose and low.. and let us not forget Rag & Bone's attempt that saw ponytails practically falling out! However, a new trend began to appear on the runways this year with 'Longtails' (basically put, low tied ponytails). Now, we don't know about you, but we love a sleek slicked back pony tail any day of the week, not that we would ever wear one ourselves (especially because one of us has an ear that likes to stick out a bit more than it should, no names mentioned!). It's not everyday that you see one of these bad boys being rocked on someone head.. then again Northampton isn't the fashion capital of the world... maybe Paris, New York and Milan see them everyday! We give this look a huge thumbs up to anyone that's brave enough to pull that hair back and let their face do all the work, it really is a statement hair style that could be worn day or night... We hope to see more of these longtails around soon, soooooooo fabulous!! 

2) Braids & Twists

We love love love a fish braid, can't for the life of us do one, let alone wear one, but we love them! This year braids are being bought back, even the old school plain and boring plait that you still do sometimes when you're bored and your scarf has a fringe (yes, we all do it!). Random small plaits in loose hair has begun to make an appearance and we love it, it give a boho kind of feel and could quickly fix a bad hair day! Now, we know that braids aren't for everyone, even after many Youtube tutorials they are really hard to get the hand of which is why we love the simple plait that it being bought back. We're not sure we'll be wearing one anytime soon, it kind of makes us feel like we're in lower school again... But, we're loving  it in short hair with loads of loose bits hanging around the front, it allows for a more casual and messy look. And hey, if you are crazy talented and can braid anything in sight, then go for an over the top updo, make your hair a piece of art! 

3) Out of the Water

This year the runways showed a varied degree of wetness, there was lightly gelled loose hair to literally fresh out of the water buns! We're not too sure how we feel about this trend, yes it's suitable for a runway look, but everyday wise? We don't think so. Personally, if we saw someone walking out of Tesco with hair like Rosie's I would be shocked! We think it's verging on greasy and we just can't seem to gel with it (get it!). Don't get us wrong, there are people out there that could 100% wear the shit out of this hair, and good for them! We quite like the idea of a gelled back high bun for a night out, it gives a somewhat elegant look. It's just, we don't think that this look could be worn casually without people questioning its.... cleanliness.

4) Mixed materials 

This trend reminded us of Lizzie McGuire...remember when she used to wear clips in her hair with random pieces sticking all over the place? No? Well here's a picture to remind you! >>>>>>
Now, I'm not sure about Lizzie's hair, but we're quite enjoying some of the looks that appeared on the runway this year. The idea of adding something extra to your hair really is exciting, it makes an otherwise plain look into something completely different. We're not saying shove a whole tree on top of your head, but flowers, leather ties, sparkling hair slides (not the ones you thinking of) and much much more are making their presence known! We can't wait to see people's interpretations of this trend make an appearance on the high street, at uni and even at the supermarket! Who knows, maybe we'll pull out our old crocodile hair clips

We hope you enjoyed reading this post & we'd love to hear your opinions on some of these looks! 

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