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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SAG Awards - fashion winners and losers!

Ok, so with the SAG Awards came loads and loads of incredible fashion statements... and some not so great ones. From Emma Stone to Laverne Cox, we just wanted to share a few looks that we absolutely loved.. and hated! 

And the awards go to....

From left to right...
Emma Stone -
Emma Stone has never had a worst dressed look, every single time we've seen her on fashion police she has been praised for her elegant choices and ability to embrace her skin and hair colour. We love how this dress has the appearance of a blazer but with the twist of a sheer fabric train at the bottom. Her make up is flawless, as is her hair. There really is nothing bad to say about this look!

Camila Alves - 
Now not only are we jealous of her husband (Matthew Mcconaughey), but this dress is absolutely stunning. We love the choice of colour and it fits her body so well, making her appear curvy in all the right places. We love how effortless her hair looks in this, with the dress being the main attraction. A big thumbs up from us!

Caitriona Balfe -
This Irish actress such knows how to compliment her pale skin tone! We love the shade of orange she has chosen and the dress is so beautiful. The slit up the front and the ruffle of fabric at the top really adds simplistic detail to the dress that no one could criticise. We also love how she's kept her shoes and clutch within the same colour scheme, her eye to detail is really what has made this outfit come together. One thing that may have helped? We think that maybe she should have gone for a sleek up-do, this would have added a much more dramatic effect to the look.

Kaley Cuoco-
This is certainly a different Kaley to the one we see on 'The big bang theory'! This dress is absolutely stunning, the shape of the dress really words with Kaley's body shape and although the colour seems to blend in with the red carpet, she works it well enough not to be camouflage. The small bowed belt is a simple yet needed feature to make this dress look as beautiful as it does. Although we preferred her hair when it had a bit more length, the shortness works to keep eyes drawn to her dress and accessories.

Felicity Jones -
After seeing 'The theory of everything' the other week there really isn't anything bad we want to say about Felicity. We love how the soft pink compliments her skin tone and how simple the dress is as a while. The updo was a good choice as it keeps all the attention to the beautiful cross detail at the top of the dress. Keep doing England proud! :) 

Better luck next year.. We'd suggest a new stylist...

From left to right...
Laverne Cox-
There was one word that came to mind when we saw this picture.. CHEAP. The fabric of this dress is just too shiny, quite frankly it looks tacky and we were so disappointed when we saw her because usually she pulls out some gorgeous frocks! The colour of the dress is beautiful but the fabric just ruins it, and as for the beaded details.. let's not. One thing we will say is that her make up looks stunning and the soft waves at the ends of her hair are really working.. just not with this dress.

? -
Unfortunately we're not quite sure who this is but boy do we have something to say! This is the complete wrong dress for her body shape.It doesn't do her any favours and the fish tail-thing at the bottom just makes her look like an upside-down lamp shade. Maybe we're being a bit harsh here, but this dress really is just too plain, even with a giant explosion of material at the bottom. A few accessories may have helped, accessories that aren't those green tassels hanging from her ears. I think it'd be best if we stopped now before we get too bitchy!... I'm sure her shoes are nice though...

Lorelei Linklater-
What on earth was this girl thinking?! Her posture looks terrible, her hair looks like shes just stepped out of an Amish village and her those sleeves are nothing to be proud of! We like the fact that she's gone for a red lip to add a bit of colour to an otherwise all black outfit, but even that doesn't improve this look. Let's be honest, she looks like she's having a miserable time and I'm not surprised... I would be too if I wore that to a red carpet event!

Rosamund Pike - 
This dress has added an extra 4 stone to Rosamund's usual petite frame, she's quite literally getting lost in the dress! We don't like the high to low hemline, it reminds us of a 12 year olds outfit they'd wear to their school disco. We love the style and length of her hair but just wish she'd gone with a longer and more elegant gown that hugged her gorgeous figure!

What do you guys think? Are we being too harsh? Or even too nice?! We'd love to hear what you think about some of these looks :)

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