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Thursday, 22 January 2015


Netflix literally acts as our saviour at the end of a long day of Uni. We wanted to suggest some TV series for you guys that you may not typically have tried. Besides from the usual suggestions of Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black, Netflix has some incredible series that sometimes people over look! So, here we go...

RuPaul's Drag Race
This TV show is the sassiest muuhfuckin show we have ever watched! Think America's Next Top Model but for drag queens. It's just full of larger than life sass queens that you end up absolutely loving or hating because they have better legs than you!We would definitely recommend this for a bit of easy watching.
Oh and don't fuck it up.

Bates Motel
Bates Motel is an American thriller TV series that acts as the prequel to the 1960's film Psycho. If you enjoy shows that keep you hiding behind cushions is suspense or that keep you guessing the whole way through then you will love this! It's quite a shock seeing Freddie Highmore (little Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory) in the role he plays when compared with his previous acting roles, but it's very refreshing and he really makes it his own. This show truly is a good watch, with a lot of twists and turns along the way. We just can't wait for the next season to be put up! 

House of Cards
First things first, this stars Kevin Spacey and Kevin Spacey is an absolute treasure and an incredible actor! It follows senator Frank Underwood (Spacey) who decides to seek revenge on those who overlooked and betrayed him after being refused the position of secretary of state. It is a bit politics-y (obviously) and takes a bit of concentration, but when you get in to it, it's absolutely incredible and very scandalous!

The Office US

This one is hard to write about because whatever we say will not do it justice. It is absolutely hilarious! At only 20-ish minutes an episode it doesn't take much effort to watch and it keeps you entertained the whole way through. The sense of humour that each character has is just on point, with sarcastic comments every 2 minutes and stupid remarks, it's just a barrel of laughs AND Steve Carrel is in it (the legend that gave us the famous quote: "I love lamp.") so you know it must be good! 

We didn't really get on with the original UK version of this, not quite sure why, but we would say if you didn't either don't be put off because the US version is somehow funnier.

Sons of Anarchy 
We don't know about you guys, but there is nothing better than a gang of rough looking bikers with facial hair, especially when one of these is Charlie Hunnam. This program is not for everyone, but if you like a bit of violence, sexual assault (in the nicest way possible!), drug laundering... then you will love this! With other co-stars including Katey Sagal & Ron Perlam this show really is a must watch! One thing we will say, the story lines can sometimes be quite complicated. so make sure you're not too distracted by Hunnam's beautiful face and sexy bod... there's other stuff going on!!

There has been a lot of talk about this recently, with the new series just finishing, so if you haven't seen it we recommend catching up on Netflix! It is based on the famous detective novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but made much more modern by the likes of Benedict Cumberpatch and everyone's favourite hobbit, Martin Freeman. It's so cleverly done, it always leaves you wanting more and no matter how hard you try, you can never guess the outcome of the case! Although the episodes are pretty much an hour and a half long (they're sort of like mini-films) they keep you encapsulated the entire way through because of the sheer intelligence of each and every episode.

Louis Theroux 
We just love how awkward Louis is as a person, and it makes it even better when he goes into high security prisons asking about why they killed their whole family and then ate them! (that was a joke). In all seriousness though, Louis Theroux really does explore many controversial issues in his TV series, visiting prisons, drug users, paedophiles & so much more. This show will definitely keep you sitting on the edge of your seat and allows the viewers to understand different cultures and the perspectives of people whom you may not usually want to give the time of day... namely his episode on paedophiles in rehabilitation. We would 100% recommend this.

We're always looking for new shows to watch & so we'd love to hear any suggestions you might have! :D 

A&K x

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