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Monday, 29 December 2014


Recently the weather has been awful with the snow and the frost, so we thought what better to do at this time of year than to stay snuggly and warm inside and have a cosy day in! Lets be honest, who can be bothered to put on a BRA at this time of year, let alone a full face of make up!
Here's a few must do things for the perfect cosy day in this Winter!

First, turn that alarm off! Sleep for as loooong as you want, we're not gonna judge! But when you finally do decide to drag yourself from your bed, it's nice to take a relaxing bubble bath. Just throw in some bath soak or a bath bomb and relax. Maybe read a book or watch a film, whatever takes your fancy! 
Here's a cheap little bath bomb that I've been loving from Wilkinsons. It smells absolutely divine, I would go as far as to say good enough to eat, and they're much cheaper than ones from lush! 

Also if, like us, you enjoy a nice read in the bath here is a book that might tickle your fancy! It has 3 different stories intertwined in to one to form the perfect festive love story. I would definitely recommend it if you are a fan of things like The Fault in Our Stars and other works by John Green. 

After your bath it's always nice to wash your face, because it just makes you feel clean even when you don't plan on getting dressed. If you don't want to, you don't have to do your full skincare routine because who can really be bothered when you're only staying in, but I would suggest maybe just using your every day face wash/scrub and a cleanser. 
I have been using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and it just makes my skin feel wonderful! 

The next thing that we would do is to catch up on our favourite YouTubers/Bloggers! We find it so stressful at this time of year, trying to keep up with all the Vlogmas videos because who on earth has the time for that?! So we would most likely be catching up on some of them and maybe planning a few blog posts ourselves while we're at it!

Another thing that we enjoy doing on a chill day, is painting our nails! It can be a real pain to keep your nails looking nice and fresh, but on a day when you're not really doing much there's more time to put more effort in to your nails and it's kind of therapeutic!
I'm loving pastel colours right now, even though it's not the season for them! My two favourites are this Pink-Nude from Rita Ora's Rimmel collection (called Lose Your Lingerie) and this Blue-ish pastel colour from Collection which I think has been discontinued :(. 

Finally, it's not a chill day without a nice box set or a film and some munchies! There is literally nothing better than curling up in bed and watching a good TV show with some pizza or chocolate buttons (yum!)
I got the Game of Thrones box set for Christmas so I would definitely be watching that, but I've also been loving Sherlock too! 

We hope you're all enjoying your Christmas holidays, and if you are working, it's not too hard! 

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  1. I've tagged you guys to do the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Hopefully, you get a chance to do it.


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