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Tuesday, 9 December 2014


On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Some products that just aren't up to scratch! 

We hate to be so mean towards Christmas, no one wants to be a Grinch! But there are 2 products that we haven't been too keen on this month and we just wanted to share it with you guys, just to give you a heads up in case they were on your Christmas list. These are just our opinions, you may love these products, but they just didn't agree with us :)

Rimmel London, 'Brow This Way'

I have been using Mac Cosmetics brow set for the past year and a half and I was thinking about re-purchase it when I tried my mum's brow gel from Maybelline. So I went into boots to have a look round and hopefully purchase it, but when I saw that this brow styling gel was only £3.99 I went for this one instead!.. I was so excited to try it out because I hadn't yet tried any new brow products and couldn't wait to see if there was a dramatic difference. However, this product was such a disappointment. Maybe it's because I was so used to the MAC product I had been using for so long previously, but this product was not what I expected. Firstly, on taking the wand out of the tube along came half of its contents, I had to use a baby wipe to get rid of all the extra products on the brush. However, even after taking this extra step,  applying it to my brows was a nightmare, it still came out too thick, and the skin surrounding my eyebrows were suddenly covered in brown gel! Of course, having done my foundation before this, wiping this off became a chore as I then had to reapply foundation. It's also quite a thin liquid gel and so I thought that if I left it for a few weeks that it may become thicker and better to apply, however this wasn't the case. I wouldn't recommend the product & certainly won't be repurchasing!

Lush ‘BIG’ sea salt shampoo £12.25 / 300g

When I bought this I was so so so excited to use it, it smelt amazing in the shop and with the dream of “feeling like a mermaid” I just couldn’t way to have the perfect ‘beach hair’ look after washing! HOWEVER, after using it I hate to admit that I was quite disappointed (sob sob). The smell is absolutely gorgeous, all beachy and natural, and it actually does leave my hair wavy when I leave it to dry naturally which are both positive attributes of this shampoo.But, I found that after applying and rinsing my hair, the shampoo had made my hair extremely dry so I actually had to use more conditioner than I usually would to make my hair soft again. Now, I must admit, I do suffer from dry hair anyway but this did absolutely nothing to help, despite it saying that it softens the hair. Maybe it’s just because my hair is already dry, I’m not sure, but if you do have slightly dry hair, I would not recommend using this.I love every single other lush product I have ever used because I love how they use all natural ingredients, but this just didn’t do it for me, soz.

So here are our honest opinions on these two products. We'd love to hear if any of you have used either of them before and had the same problem? Or feel free to share some of your disappointing products (because who doesn't love a good moan). 

A&K x

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  1. Love a honest review, thanks for sharing this! Haven't tried either of these, so thanks for the heads up! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts;



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