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Sunday, 7 December 2014


On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
A reliable makeup routine for this harsh winter weather! ❄


Before I even think about putting on my makeup I like to wash my face and moisturise my skin (See winter skin care post for more details), this make me feel nice a fresh and prepares me for the day ahead!

1) To begin my make up application I like to apply The Porefessional (Benefit)  which allows for a smooth foundation application and keeps my make up looking fresh just that little bit longer. I have quite an oily t-zone, even in winter, so I like to apply this on my forehead, nose and chin & if there is any extra product I like to dap in round anywhere! :D

2) Once my primer is in place I apply about 4 pumps of MatchMaster (MAC) foundation to the back on my hand, then using a expert face brush (Real Techniques) I dab my brush into the product and begin application on my face. On the days where I'm feeling a bit more insecure I like to add a bit more foundation to any areas that are causing problems. This foundation is definitely buildable and allows for a medium or full coverage depending on what look you're after.

3) Then the work begins on my dark under eye circles! I like to start off with my concealer palette (Makeup Revolution) and take one of the lighter colours to highlight underneath my eyes, I also take this up onto my cheekbones in order to brighten my face. I find these concealers to be quite thin and don't provide the high coverage that I usually like and so I then go on with my lasting perfection concealer (Collection) and swipe it underneath my eyes. I really like my under eyes to look bright in the winter months and so for me, more is less! :D Whilst I'm waiting for my foundation and concealer to set I like to apply my brow set (MAC) through my brows to keep them tamed throughout the day!

4) After my base is done I like to set the high points of my face with a light pressed powder (Collection) in order to further highlight my face. I'll then go in with a darker powder (Rimmel) to set the other areas of my face. Both these powders are good, however, even after applying a primer and powder I find that my face usually gets shiny around mid afternoon.

5) Time for the eyes! My all time favourite eye shadow palette is Naked (Urban Decay), the colours are just so beautiful and pigmented! I haven't tried any of the others, but if they are anything like this one then I'm sure they are just as good. For day to day winter wear I usually go with the colours Vanilla, Naked and Buck which allow for a natural look, making my eyes look more bright and awake (what more could a girl want?!). Then I'll apply 2 layers of They're Real! (Benefit) mascara and over this I like to add a layer of ScandalEyes Flex (Rimmel) mascara which helps my eyelashes look long, voluminous & prevents any smudging!

6) Time to add some colour! Next is bronzer and highlight, Hoola (Benefit) and Soft & Gentle (MAC) are my go to products all year round :)

7) Depending on how I feel that morning will depend on my lip situation. If my lips are feeling particularly dry, or I'm running late then I'll just put some lip balm on and leave it like that. However, this winter I'm loving Clover Pink lip liner (The Body Shop), I wear it alone and it's the most beautiful pink, it adds a spot of colour to a cold winter day :)

After all my makeup is done I like to spray my face (a few times!) with a fixing spray (Makeup Revolution) to give me extra protection against the day ahead!


Okay, I know it’s been said a thousand times before but the most important thing to do before you apply make-up is wash and moisturise your face. I am literally the worst at this, always assuming that it won’t matter if I just skip moisturising but it really is true that if you take the steps before applying your make-up it will actually go on a lot better, look better when it’s on and have more staying power throughout the day. HOWEVER, it is also important NOT TO APPLY CLEANSER IN THE MORNING, this is because applying cleanser too often and in the morning counterbalances the natural oils that are produced during sleepy time.
I just wash my face with the Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash Scrub & Mask, making sure that all the lil’ nasties are out and off my face. Then I use the Simple Age Resisting Day Cream to quench my skin and make it nice and hydrated (HYDRATION FOR THE NATION).

But after all the boring stuff is taken care of, it’s time for the fun part!

STEP 1: I never really use a primer, unless I’m going out for the night, so I just start by squeezing some L’Oreal True Match Foundation (I’m the shade N3: Creamy Beige) on the top of my left hand and using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply the foundation starting at the inner parts of my face and spreading outwards towards my cheekbones. I like this foundation for the colder months because my skin is naturally quite pale and I find that this foundation blends really nicely with it, improving my natural skin tone rather than just covering it.

STEP 2: The next thing I do is apply my concealer. The one I’m using at the moment is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade 1/Fair. I deliberately bought a concealer that was slightly lighter than my skin tone so that it could be used as a highlighter because I’m quite lucky in the sense that I don’t often get breakouts. I apply the concealer underneath my eyes, along my cheekbones and down the length of my nose and then use a Real Techniques Expert Face brush to blend it in.

STEP 3: After applying my concealer/highlight I apply some mineral powder just to set my foundation nicely and ensure that it will actually stay on my face and not melt away as soon as I step foot outside. The one that I’m using at the moment is the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish powder in the shade Light. I find that a little bit of this powder goes a long way so I just lightly sweep an average powder brush around it and then gently pat the powder on to my face. I would recommend patting the powder on rather than brushing because I think it just sets the foundation much better, leaving a nice matte-looking finish.

STEP 4: For Blush I’ve been using the Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice. This is such a beautiful blush palette as it’s got such a range of colours that would suit pretty much all skin tones. I particularly like the first colour in it because I think it gives of a natural flushed-cheek look. I just use a regular blush brush to apply this, sweeping the brush over the apples of my cheeks and out towards my ear.

STEP 5: Now it’s time for eyes! So far this Winter I’ve reverted back to my old favourite, winged eyeliner! Before applying the eyeliner you could use a white eye shadow if you wanted the black to stand out more, but I just apply the eyeliner straight on. I’m loving the Revolution Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner. I use the smaller end of the pen to carefully draw a thin line along my lash line and then flick it out at a 40 degree angle and join it up at the outer corner of the eye.

STEP 6: The next part of my routine is possibly the most time consuming because I think that eyelashes are so so important and I am UHHBSESSED with spider lashes. I literally apply layer after layer after layer (etc… yes its lonnnng) of the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara starting with my bottom lashes and then the top (it’s usually better to apply mascara to your bottom lashes first because if you apply to the top first, you run the risk of smudges when you go to do the bottom ones). When I think I’ve achieved the right amount of length and volume I turn the mascara wand vertically and use the top of the brush to add more thickness to my lashes.

STEP 7: FINALLY, the last thing that I do is my eyebrows. Recently I’ve just been using the Collection Eyebrow Definer just to fill in and shape my eyebrows – simple.

Aaaaaand that’s our winter make-up routines! We hope you liked it guys, sorry it’s a bit long-winded!

Let us know what make-up you've been wearing this winter in the comments below :-)


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  1. Such a lovely post! I really want to try the matchmaster foundation!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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