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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


On the seventeenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Savvy Spending tips! 

As second year students we have certainly learnt a thing or two about saving a few pennies! We thought that we would share a few tips on how to cut the cost this Christmas.

Homemade presents
If you want to get a bit creative this Christmas then handmade gifts are the way to go! 
One thing that we enjoy doing is baking, and so one gift idea that we suggest is to bake Christmas biscuits or cakes and then get creative with the wrapping.. a great idea would be using a pringle tube (minus the pringles of course!).. take an empty pringle tube, fill it with homemade or bought cookies and then wrap the tube with pretty wrapping paper and finish with a nice ribbon! Not only is this environmentally friendly but it also looks extremely adorable! :) Another cheap yet thoughtful gift is a picture frame! Buy a nice frame, we'd recommend the ones that hold a few pictures, and print out some cute pictures to fill it with. If you don't have a printer than Boots or supermarkets offer a great service for you to print out pictures you have on your phone or computer. This is always a safe bet with family/friends & isn't too costly :)

Shopping online
When it comes to finding the perfect present for that special someone then it usually leads back to a nice perfume or aftershave, and we all know how damaging that can be on our purse! Now we're not suggesting picking up a air freshener and passing that off as a nice fragrance this Christmas, but it does pay to shop around a bit. Generally we head straight for the big department stores thinking that they'll have great christmas deals on, when really online shops generally have better offers! A great example of this can be seen at All Beauty (online website) which sells Jimmy Choo (100ml) for £39.95 compared to a whopping £61.20 at Debenhams! Some of you may not like the idea of buying from somewhere you've never shopped before, or perhaps you don't like shopping online and so we would recommend that, before heading straight to Debenhams or John Lewis, you check out Superdrug or Body Care as they often have much much better deals on fragrances!

Poundstretcher, 99p shop, Home Bargains etc!
These have fast become the most frequent shops we visit. We used to be a bit embarrassed about walking round town with our big 99p shop carrier bags, whilst other girls were prancing around with River Island and Topshop bags, but we now walk in their with pride! Shops like this offer great products for a fraction of the cost of other high street or supermarket stores. Not only do they offer great prices of daily necessities, they also offer great homeware and gift items such as scented candles, cute picture frames, skincare gift sets, perfume (Home Bargains) and in some of these shops drugstore makeup brands such as Revlon!

Recently we found out that supermarkets offer amazing deals on all things beauty, especially skincare!  Whenever we're at the supermarket we tend to skip over the beauty isles because lets be honest, you don't really associate food shopping with beauty! However, recently on a trip to Tesco we found so many incredible deals, especially on brands such as Nivea. So next time you pop out to pick up some mushrooms or coco pops don't forget to swing by the beauty isle, you'll be glad you did! (•◡•) Another thing that supermarkets are pretty great at offering is a good deal on books. Christmas is the perfect time to buy cookbooks for your mum or dad, autobiographies, romance novels to get lost in, zombie survival guides and much much more, so check out the book section on your next trip to the supermarket!

Thank you so much for reading, we'd love to hear any ideas you guys have on saving a few pennies this time of year :)
Happy Shopping!! ❄☃


  1. Great idea's!
    I also really like home made present's :)


  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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