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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


On the sixteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. 
An unpopular opinion.

This blog post is a bit different to the rest that we've previously done, so bare with us. We just thought that we would start to do more article-style posts to give the blog a bit more of a wider range. We'd love to hear your ideas on this in the comments below, so feel free to suggest or critique anything you want.

One of the things that Britain is known for is it's comedy and sense of humour. We have a sarcastic, witty, dry sense of humour which makes our banter some of the best in the world, but is our sense of humour drying up?

Not so long ago there was a fiasco in the newspapers and magazines about Dapper Laughs (a comedian that originally created Vine videos before being given his own TV show on ITV), that stated that he was "promoting rape culture" because he was showing men how to 'pull women'.
Now please don't get confused, we feel VERY strongly when it comes to feminism and supporting women and we would argue against anyone that suggested that women are merely objects that you just perform a routine to, sleep with and toss aside like an old pair of socks. HOWEVER, we actually used to watch Dapper Laugh's TV show and we actually found it quite funny.
It's fair enough if you didn't enjoy it because it wasn't your thing, but was he really promoting rape culture? We think that's a bit extreme. It was obvious that he wasn't being serious, his names Dapper Laughs for goodness sake! Something that is, and should be, celebrated in this country is our ability to find humour in just about anything (see any stand up show by Jimmy Carr), but some how this was different? How? Are people getting so uptight that it's ruining the British sense of humour?

Another example is this year's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant Jimmy Bullard. He was the first to be voted out of the jungle, but in our opinion he was the most entertaining. His constant banter and pranks on the other contestants was funny to watch of an evening, but was it too much for the British public? We know that there's a fine line between banter and insults, but surely we can still tell the difference? One of the best things about the British sense of humour is that we know how to TAKE A JOKE, we insult ourselves and others for the sake of comedy and it's great because it's believable. Banter between friends is so common in our society, but when it was shown on TV people seemed to not like it. We have banter with each other every single day and it keeps our friendship healthy and fun!

Come on guys, we need to celebrate our sense of humour, not shy away from it!

A & K x

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