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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


On the fifteenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

JorgeObé Peel off face mask is designed to specifically minimise and prevent blackheads, impurities and oily skin. This product is advised to be applied in the T zone of the face, avoiding eyes and any hairy areas (e.g. the hairline or eyebrows). 

We first saw this product when we were browsing facebook and saw an advert for it. We were quickly enticed in by the pictures that showed the effectiveness of the mask and how it pulled out impurities from the skin! We were skeptical but after much debate decided that if we halved the cost then it wouldn't be too bad if the mask did absolutely nothing for us! 

This product was dispatched from Denmark and only took 4 days to reach us, however, on opening the package we were a little shocked at the size of the product for the price we payed. We were aware that we purchased 100 ml but on seeing the £21 product in the flesh we were a little stunned. However, we were quite chuffed to receive two free samples  (it's like they knew there was two of us!) of JorgeObé scrub mask in the most adorable packaging! :) This scrub mask can be used as a deep cleansing mask or a scrub cream. We very excited to try this product but let's get back to the star of the show, the peel off mask. 

Firstly, we squeezed out some of the product onto the back of our hand as we knew that the product would come out black and didn't want to make a mess everywhere! The consistency of the mask is quite thick and gloppy, and is pure black. The instructions on the back of the packaging didn't provide information regarding the 'layer' that needed to be applied to the face, we didn't know how thick or thin it needed to be and so we went in blind! On first application to the skin the smell was extremely strong, the first thing that popped into our head was vodka! On reading the ingredients it was clear to see why as there are quite a few chemicals used to create this mask. This product is extremely strong and when applied onto the nose and outwards towards our cheeks it began to sting our eyes quite a lot. We applied quite a thin layer as we didn't want to waste too much of the product and left it to dry for the instructed 25-30 minutes.  One thing we would say is that it did take a few attempts at rubbing the black residue that was left on our hands, but after a few pumps of soap and some hot water it finally disappeared. 

The timer went off 30 minutes later and we were excited to see the results. However, we had already read some reviews and knew that it was a painful removal process! The saying 'No pain, No gain' 100% applies in relation to this face mask. The removal of the mask from the face was more painful than we thought when looking at the thin layer of black coating our skin. Surprisingly, it hurt more to remove the mask from our chin and forehead than from our nose! We could quite literally see gunk coming out of our pores as we peeled off the mask. On removal of the mask it was visible that the mask had removed some impurities in our skin as they came up white against the black mask that had peeled off. There was some back residue left on our faces and so we washed our faces and moisturised in order to let our skin recover from the painful ordeal!

30 minutes after removing the mask our skin had finally returned to a more normal colour compared to the previous red that the mask had left our skin. Our skin was feeling soft and very very clean. We definitely noticed a difference in the reduction of blackheads on our noses, although there were still visible ones, it had removed a small proportion in the process. It is recommended that for best results this mask be used once or twice a week and so we cannot wait to see what else this mask has in store for us! We are hoping for a blackhead free future! :D

We always wake up with an oily nose, and this morning we were extremely surprised, and happy, that this wasn't the case! Our skin is also still feeling extremely smooth and we can only thank the face mask for this :) 

And so, if you can afford the £21 price tag then we would suggest trying it. We've only used it once and so can't 100% recommend it, but so far we like what we see and cannot wait to continue using it.

We would love to hear about your experience with this product if any of you have tried it! :)

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  1. i have seen these advertised everywhere, they seem good!

    Emma Louise from xx


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