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Saturday, 13 December 2014


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
The truth behind all those beauty myths!

Fact or Fiction?

1) Shaving causes your hair to grow back faster & thicker? FICTION

Now I don't know about you guys, but I was told all throughout middle and upper school that this was true, not only did I have GCSE's and A Levels to worry about but on top of that I had to come to terms with the fact that women have, and always will be, at battle with their body hair. Yes shaving makes you smooth, but for what? a day? and then it's grow back 10 times worse! However, this isn't the case! Yes, body hair grows back (the buggers) but it doesn't grow back any faster or thicker. Hair growth is controlled by follicles which are underneath the skin, and these follicles are not affected by shaving. The follicles determine the colour, thickness and growth speed of the hair and so shaving or not, they're the boss! All I can say is, I'm so glad it's winter, because shaving my legs is right at the bottom of my to do list! :) 

2) Cucumber slices fix puffy eyes. FACT

I've always thought that this was a beauty myth, ever since watching Princess Diaries and seeing Paolo say that it didn't do anything I was sold! However, it has been found that anything cold or cool on the eyelids shrinks blood vessels and so reduces the amount of fluid that is collected there. Although this methods will help reduce those puffy eyes, it definitely won't fix the problem completely... so keep the concealer and eyeshadow at hand to help cover up the rest of the problem!

3) Cold water makes your hair shiner. FACT

Personally I cannot think of anything worse that having a cold shower, especially now it's December! However, it has been found that cold water closes up the hair cuticle and as a result hair becomes stronger, meaning that it's less susceptible to the environmental conditions that can cause harm to our hair. But come on, we're not going to stand under a cold shower for 10 minutes and so a quick 10 seconds, or longer if any of you can stand it, at the end of a hot shower will do the trick! But don't undo this but using heating tools which will only dry out and damage your hair, after all, you have just risked the chance of catching pneumonia for new shiny strands! 

4) Steam will help open your pores? FICTION

I've never been directly told that this works, but I always assumed that steam would open up the pores on my face. However, this isn't true, there are no muscles around pores that allow them to open and close. This being said, steam will help loosen any underlying dirt or debris found.

5) Toothpaste helps reduce spots? FACT

This is one beauty tip that my mum always says to me, although personally, the thought of toothpaste anywhere other than in my mouth doesn't really appeal to me. However, science has proven that this tip does actually work! Toothpaste contains alcohol which will dry up spots and reduce any swelling or redness that comes along with it! This beauty trick should be used with caution though, it has been advised that toothpaste should only be used on new and small spots. If a spot is painful, red and deep then this just won't work, not only that but it can lead to burning of the skin surface which can result in scarring. If a spot has been there for more than a day & is getting worse then don't touch it! But it's good to know that a small spot can be scared off with a bit of white paste that smells like mint and makes our mouths fresh and clean! :D  

6) Spraying hairspray on your face makes makeup last for longer. FACT

Before I started using fixing spray with my makeup I always used to spray hairspray over my face just for extra protection, and it's true, hairspray will help keep your makeup stay put. However, maybe this isn't the best way to do so, hairspray can cause irritation and redness to the skin and can also burn our eyes. I mean really, it's our fault for thinking that something made for keeping our hair rock solid would be suitable for our skin! The most delicate and important thing on our bodies, why are we so naive?! (although I can't really talk). There are harsh chemicals in hairspray that really won't do our skin any favours and so instead let's just stick with our primers, our setting powders and fixing spray, what better way to try some new products out! :D 

7) Greasy foods and chocolate cause breakouts. FICTION

This really shocks me, I always find that after having a day or two of eating complete shit that my skin starts to break out! However, experts have found that neither or these foods are responsible for breakouts. This evidence isn't suggesting that diet and bad skin are unrelated, but instead suggesting that perhaps the reason we reach for these foods in the first place are the real causes for our skin problems! Instead advice such as 'limit foods high in carbohydrates and dairy' which could suggest that these are the foods causing the little buggers to appear on our faces, so put down that bowl of cereal, that slice of toast and that cube of cheese and pick up that Galaxy bar, what better excuse can a girl need eh? I'm still a tad sceptical of this and so for the next few days I think i'll put this too the test... I mean come on, it's for the sake of science after all! 

8) Makeup with built in SPF is as good & effective as suncream. FICTION

I'm really bad when it comes to suncream, I all about the tan and not about the protection, which I know is extremely bad. The thought of having a bit of SPF in my foundation always makes me feel a little less guilty, little did i know that the SPF number related to the amount of time is takes for the skin to get burt! Most foundations have an SPF of 15, this means that those who wear this can have 15 minutes longer in the sun without getting burnt than those who don't. Let me just say that once more, 15 minutes. The difference between foundation and suncream. is that with suncream we reapply it every hour or so, but foundation is a one off application that usually takes place in the morning, and so by the time you've got to work or uni the protection has given all it can give! So in short, yes having an SPF in makeup is good and will protect your skin better than those who don't, however, suncream will always be the better option & always remember to reapply! 

Are there any tips or tricks you guys have used that work/don't work? We would love to hear about them :D

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  1. You've set me straight on so many things! So many of these are things I thought were fact when they weren't especially the bad food and the stream! Great post! :3 x


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