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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Winter fashion tips,  featuring a male's perspective on women's winter fashion!

Hi guys, today we just thought we would give you some fashion tips for this festive season BUT instead of just having advice from girls, we thought it would be fun to include our male house-mate Charlie just so that you can see what a male thinks about all of this fashion malarky. 

DO: glitterize
Tis the season to be jolly and what makes a woman more jolly than something that sparkles?! We are absolutely love love loving glitter this festive season, on EVERYTHING! Dresses, trousers, skirts, tops – even faces! We are particularly enjoying this sequined, figure-hugging pencil skirt from H&M (left), but if you’re not feeling brave enough we also love this alternative that is also from H&M (right).
DON’T: go over the top! Now, as we just mentioned, us girls are a bit like magpies in the sense that we LOVE sparkly things, so it can be a bit difficult to know when to stop. If you are planning on wearing glitter or sequins this festive season, our advice would be not to overdo it. If you’re wearing an eye-catching outfit, maybe go for a natural make-up look just to even it out a bit. After all, you’d look a bit weird dressed up like Gaga at your local wouldn’t you?
What Charlie has to say: Too many sparkles can look cheap on a girl and a bit in your face. I prefer something a bit more understated.

DO: crack on the velvet!
Yes, yes, yes! The cold weather is here which means it’s time for the velvet to come on out! There is nothing more festive looking than a burgundy velvet dress like this one from Missguided. However, not only are velvet dresses absolutely stunning (and super soft) but so is pretty much every other item of clothing that is velvet! Our advice would be to maybe pick one velvet item to wear with an outfit, like a velvet skirt with a plain t-shirt, or a velvet bomber jacket like this one from Missguided with a plain black bodycon dress.

What Charlie has to say: Velvet looks good, especially in burgundy. It's quite classy and can be casual as well as dressed up.

DO: bigger is better when it comes to boots!
We've been waiting for really tall boots to come back in since seeing Julia Roberts and hers in Pretty Woman! And it’s finally time! Tall boots are perfect for this season because not only are they super practical, what with the shitty weather and all that, but they also mean that you don’t have to throw away the shorter skirts because they will keep your legs warm (and you don’t necessarily have to worry if you've shaved your legs- win, win!) Our favourites right now are these beauties from Public Desire.

What Charlie has to say: These boots are pretty cool. But, I would say, if it's going to be a boot it has to be black, anything else is just too much.

DON’T: forget your clothes!
Sorry to say it girlies, but it’s just not acceptable to wear next to no clothing anymore! The colder weather means wrapping up, so say no to those short shorts and yes to a nice pair of thermals (not really but you get the point). We’re just worried about your health, we wouldn't want you catching any unnecessary colds now would we?!
What Charlie has to say: Girls who are wearing too little clothes, especially when it's so cold out, come across as a bit desperate (soz). 

DON’T: look like an animal has swallowed you up!
Now there’s nothing more classy looking than a Carrie Bradshaw-esque fur jacket, but it’s so easy to get fur wrong! Don’t allow your fur coats to swallow you up and hide your figure because it just ends up looking poofy and not nice. If you are going for oversized fur this season, our advice would be to make sure it cuts off at the right place (i.e. make sure it’s not too long) and maybe pair it with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans rather than a puffball skirt, to balance everything out.

What Charlie has to say: Fur is good in moderation. So only one fur piece at a time. 

We hope you enjoyed these fashion tips, feel free to comment below some of your top tips for this season!

A&K (&C) x


  1. Love this post! I'm such a magpie its unreal, i need to really keep an eye on it!

  2. Aww love how you got your housemate to give his view too! I can't agree more on burgundy velvet, love it! xx


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