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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Bucket List

Ok, so we wanted to come up with a bucket list of things that we will actually be able to achieve, not unrealistic goals! Our 2014 wasn't the best and so we're hoping that 2015 will bring us new challenges, people, adventures and joy & we hope that it will bring you all everything you are aiming for.

We hope you all have an incredible New Years Eve, drink lots and dance all night. But please don't forget... watch your drinks, stay with your friends and be safe! 

* Pass second year at University.
* Lose a stone (hopefully more!)
* Eat proper meals... not pasta every night. 
* Try a new hair style or colour.. but nothing too crazy!
* Reach 1000 followers on Bloglovin!?
* Treat my mum to an amazing birthday present, something she won't expect... she deserves it. (Abby)
* Progress with our novel & get some insight and feedback from others.
* MOTIVATION. We both need to motivate ourselves more, be this starting essays when we get them or actually going into Uni...
* Attend all our lectures & seminars every week (almost).
* Volunteer. We have so much spare time and no skills, we really need to boost our CV's and what better way than helping others in the process!
* Try something new, a new hobby like Yoga!
* Go some place new

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