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Monday, 17 November 2014

What's on our playlist ☁

Here are a few of our Autumn/Winter playlist suggestions seeing as how there's nothing better than sitting in with a cup of tea, all snuggly, and listening to music at this time of year!

1) Hozier 
I actually first heard of Hozier through BBC Radio 1 live lounge when Ed Sheeran covered his debut single 'Take Me to Church'. After which, I decided to listen to his album and it is amaaaazing!
Heavily influenced by female singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, it's clear to hear the bluesy undertones in his voice.
I would definitely suggest giving him a listen if you're in to rugged, lusty voices and beautiful lyrics.

2) The Neighbourhood
I first started listening to the Neighbourhood around this time a couple of years ago but hadn't really listened to them that often this year until now. However, I just think that their sound is perfect for this time of year and they even have a song called 'Sweater Weather' (How perfect?!). This is definitely ideal for people who are interested in the indie-pop-rock genre of music with a slightly hip-hop background. 

3) Ben Howard
Ben Howard first shot to fame after the release of his incredible debut album 'Every Kingdom' in 2011. Now, he has released his second album and it is just as beautiful as the one before but in a completely different way, Mainly known for his acousticy sound, Ben Howard offers a different side to his musical ability with this album, more made up of electric guitar sounds and ghostly harmonies. 
The first single released from this album, entitled I Forget Where We Were, is an uplifting tune perfect for late night chilling with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket.

4) Prides
This Glaswegian 3 piece aren't much like what I usually chose to listen to as they're more of a 'synth-pop' band. If you don't really know what that means, or don't really listen to that type of music, don't let it put you off! Their songs are incredibly catchy, with lyrics that will make you want to tweet every 2 minutes. The powerful choruses are perfect for being played at festivals in front of thousands of people. So if you've got the festival blues, give these a listen and it will take you right back there!

5) Tom Odell // Real Love
You may have heard this song on the new John Lewis Christmas advert (the one with the adorable penguin!). This cover of a beautiful song written by John Lennon is so lovely for this time of year. It's soft and haunting, building in all the right places and reminding you that Christmas is a time of love.
But then Tom Odell could pretty much sing me the alphabet and I would say it's the best song ever.

We hope you enjoy this insight in to our go-to playlist at the moment, comment with your favourite songs we'd love to hear what you're listening to! 

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