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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What's in our bags!

So these are the only things that I ALWAYS keep in my every day handbag (from New Look).
The first and possibly most important thing is my purse (from River Island). This never EVER leaves my bag because what if I see a new lipstick or a pair of shoes that I need to buy?!
The second thing is a notebook and a pen for jotting down shopping lists or blog post ideas that we might have. This is so, so helpful because I literally have the memory of a goldfish so if I'm thinking about something and get distracted I will forget it like 2 minutes later.
The next things are some deodorant (Dove in a Grapefruit scent) and perfume (DKNY Be Delicious) for freshening up every now and then. These are essential to always keep in my bag because we often get the bus to & from University and its always so busy and hot, so a bit of deodorant never goes a miss after horrible, sweaty bus rides.
Obviously another item that I need in my bag is a pair of headphones for my iPhone. I'm the type of person that gets distracted VERY easily so I find that listening to music while doing an assignment or catching up on work really helps to keep me motivated and focused, right now I'm loving listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen ☺.
Finally, I always carry around whichever lipstick/gloss I'm wearing that day (the one in the picture is Rimmel London in the shade 03 from the Kate Moss Collection), just in case it comes off when I'm drinking a coffee or eating a salad (I don't usually eat/drink either of those things but I thought it was a bloggery thing to say- it's more likely to be a bottle of irn-bru and a cake).

Firstly, my bag is just the bestest and biggest thing in the whole world, it's literally a Mary Poppins bag, although it's from H&M which I'm sure hers wasn't!
The one thing that I never ever leave the house without is my phone, a Samsung S5, but I'm sure thats the same for everyone these days. At the moment I'm loving my phone case from Zazzle. I created it myself and chose a summery plam tree picture because I need something to remind me of what comes after these cold, dark winter days!
I never, and probably never will, carry an expensive perfume with me in my handbag, call me cautious if you will, but I prefer to have something cheap that I can spray sparingly everywhere :D My favourite high street scent at the moment is 'House' from River Island and was only £12, I would happily have paid more than double for this as the smell is incredible and the packaging is so sleek. I also like to carry a small 100ml Beneifit perfume ('Laugh with me Lee Lee') around with me in case I feel like a change.
I always carry my Ted Baker make up bag around with a few girly essentials as well as The Body Shop hand & nail cream in 'Almond' and lip butter in 'Pink Grapefruit'. Both of these products smell amazing and work wonders! Another Ted Baker item that I always have with me is my yellow purse, I know these are quite popular, but I must say this colour just brightens my day :)
Lastly my sunglasses. You never know when you're going need to whack on some sunnies so I like to carry these Topshop round lensed glasses with me everywhere, they're so flattering to my face shape (which unfortunately is rather masculine), and I just love them so much!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to let us know what you keep in your bag! :)


  1. Love this post girls, I'm more like abby when it comes to my bag organisation skills x x x

  2. Great post, I'm planning on writing one of these soon too! I love Abby's Ted Baker Makeup bag x

  3. Love that Kate Moss lipstick + where is Abby's bag from?? Mwah

  4. It's from H&M, they also do it black! :)


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