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Friday, 14 November 2014


Autumn/Winter has loads reasons for throwing a party (as if you need any!), trend alert this autumn/winter 2014 is sequins and glitter. We have dedicated a whole post on H&M's party wear, it's affordable and just down right sparkly. 

The thought of sequins and glitter head to toe seems, quite honestly, scary. However, this Autumn/Winter H&M have bought out many essential pieces that can be used to make a very sophisticated, yet statement outfit. The good thing about sequins is that the accessories can be kept to a minimum. Perhaps a sequin dress, such as the one seen above (5), with a simple black clutch and black stilettos. Perhaps even a 2 piece, such as 2 & 3, with a simple winged liner and soft wavy hair. The clothing here really does all the work. It would be a shame to think that such beautiful pieces are only kept for 'best' and so I think we should embrace this trend and wear it whenever we want (mumma says, you should always dress like you're going to a movie premiere)! For a more causal look try a pair of leather trousers, a oversized top and a big pair of statement earrings, such as number 7. 

I think it'll take a bravery to pull these pieces off, however, any one can do it, it's all about trial and error. Don't not buy an item because you 'have nothing to go with it'.. it's a staple piece this season and you WILL find something that will go with it! Buy It. 

ALL H&M...
1- Biker Jacket - £20
2- Glittery Crop Top - £14.99
3- Glittery Jersey Skirt - £14.99
4- Sandals - £34.99
5- Sequined Dress - £9.99
6- Sequined Skirt - £12.99
7- Sparkly Earrings - £3.99
8- Sequined Jacket - £34.99
9- Imitation Leather Trousers - £24.99
10 - Sequined Trousers - £29.99

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  1. They look gorgeous, sequins make outfits so much better! They're also really low cost which is great!

    Rhiannon Talks - Fashion Blog


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