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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Things every girl needs! ♀

K's Favorite:

Simple Age Resisting Day/Night Cream.
I bought these two a while back when I wanted to start a proper skin care routine and there just happened to be a 3 for 2 deal on in Boots. Since buying them though, I find that my skin really does feel more hydrated and soft. I like the fact that there is one for day and one for night because it means that they last longer than if you were using the same bottle for both morning and evening. Also it feels light on the skin and the price isn't all that bad either!

A's Favourite:
L'Oreal Paris, Age Perfect.
My mum has always told me it is never to early to start looking after your skin, because I will age and I will look 40 by the time I'm 20. And so I bought this in the hope to prevent such a horror! I have oily & dry skin which can be a real pain to cater for, however, this moisturiser is really great. It adds moisture where is needed and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and heavy after application. 

A Facial Cleanser:
Our Favourite:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

This is the second micellar water I have tried and I love everything about it. It removes every ounce of make up from the skin with just one cotton wool pad, and leave the skin feel squeeky clean. I find that after application my skin feels quite dried out and so I like to apply my moisturiser 5 minutes after use, just to let the skin breathe for a bit. One thing I love about it is that it removes Benefits 'They're real!' mascara which can be quite a tough job with a make up wipe :)

K's Favorite:

DKNY Be Delicious perfume
I wanted this a while ago purely because of the connotations to New York. However, it smells absolutely delicious! It's kind of like a light,  fruity scent that reminds me of summer days. It's not too strong of a scent so it's perfect for every day wear, probably more so than if you were going out for the night.

A's Favourite:

Dolce & Gabbana, 3 L'Imperatirce.

I love this perfume so much! It's the one perfume I have that never fails to attract compliments and the scent stays with me all day. It's base is made up of sandalwood, mush and grapefruit and also contains notes of watermelon, kiwi and redcurrant. It is the perfect perfume all year round.

A Strong Brow
K's Favorite:

Rimmel Brow This Way Pencil, Rimmel Eyebrow Gel
I don't like going too crazy and taking risks with my eyebrows because it's so awful when eyebrows go wrong, so these are just two simple, cheap products that I use every single day to just improve the colour and general appearance of my brows. I don't really like the 'drawn on' look, so I just use the Rimmel Brow This Way pencil to shade in my eyebrows to make them look fuller and darker, then I just gently sweep over the clear gel to keep them in place for the day.

A's Favourite:

MAC Cosmetics, Eyeshadow - Brun & Brow Set - Rich Brown.

These are my go-to eyebrow products. I like to use Burn to fill in any gaps that i have, or add a bit more shape to my eyebrows. I only usually use this if i'm going out out, or if i'm making a particularly good effort one day. Everyday wise I usually just whack on some brow set as i'm lucky enough to have quite thick brows, so this is perfect for just holding them in place.

The perfect red lipstick
K's Favorite:

Rimmel London, #1.
Red is probably the colour lipstick I wear most often. I just think that a red lip can pretty much act as an accessory to dress up an outfit. I've reviewed this shade previously on our 'Favourite Lip Products' post, so I shall just say that if you're not looking to spend that much money but you want to start experimenting with Red shades on your lips, this is 100% the one to go for.

A's Favourite:
Sorry kids, I don't wear red!

A good make-up brush
Our favourite: 

Real Techniques, Expert face brush.

We both use this brush to blend out our foundation, and my word it does a incredible job. It blends foundation into the skin extremely well leaving a flawless finish. It's also good for building up and blending in any concealer that is applied over foundation. 

Comfy undies

Every girl needs comfy pants for those days when you just don't care. No second thoughts needed on VPL and no worrying about whether or not they are worth the wear. Comfy undies will always be worth it. So whack out those Mr.Men pants, put on those faded & worn knickers and wear them with dignity! :D

Thanks for reading, we could love to hear your favourites! :D

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